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20 Jan 2014 Golden Agri, APRIL under fresh scrutiny for unsustainable practices
Communities face a “double whammy” in which High Carbon Stock areas restrict locals from cultivating the land while companies establish plantations outside of the zone where people are already farming.
28 Mar 2017 Report finds a million “missing hectares” in palm oil industry
A new report by the Zoological Society of London has found inconsistencies in how palm oil companies report on land in their concessions, leaving almost a million hectares of land unaccounted for and exposed to the risk of deforestation.
21 Jul 2015 Mounting complaints put Wilmar under scrutiny
The world's largest palm oil trader faces accusations against unresolved land grabbing and human rights issues by its concessions in Asia and Africa, but says it stands by its sustainability policy.
17 Oct 2013 ‘Land grabbing’ in Africa: Biofuels are not off the hook
A new report claims that European demand for biofuels is not to blame for land acquisitions in poorer countries. But evidence suggests that the issue is more complex than the biofuels industry would like us to believe.
05 Jul 2018 Executives of palm oil giant Wilmar resign a week after Greenpeace report
The decision was announced a week after Greenpeace issued a report that exposed links to Gama Plantation, a palm oil business that Greenpeace accused of destroying rainforest twice the size of Paris in Papua, Indonesia.
04 Mar 2020 South Korean trading giant to compensate for past deforestation in Papua
Posco International’s new zero deforestation policy comes after years of pressure from NGOs and the divestment of its shares by Dutch and Norwegian pension funds.