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08 Sep 2018 Harvard University accused of land grab & violation of indigenous people's rights: study
The university's endowment fund, meant to support educational and research goals, was misused to acquire 850,000 hectares of farmland across 5 continents during the past 10 years.
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01 Aug 2008 Merauke mega-project raises food fears
A food mega-project planned for a vast area in the Papuan district of Merauke is causing concern that indigenous people's land will be taken and their livelihoods destroyed.
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08 Oct 2014 Report accuses India-born businessman of unchecked land grabbing across continents
Sivasankaran’s land grabbing spree has threatened millions of livelihoods, says report
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29 Dec 2012 India inc involved in land grab abroad too, says international non-profit
According to the data presented by international non-profit Rights and Resource Initiative, Indian companies have acquired 63,000 sq km land, an area almost twice the size of Kerala, in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.
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17 Jun 2009 India outsources agriculture
Codes of conduct don’t work, said Devinder Sharma of Forum for Biotechnology and Food Security, Delhi. “It is unethical to grab land in other countries; it will lead to food crisis as investor countries will grow food for profit.”
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30 Nov 2011 Indonesia taken to task over MIFEE
The following report, by independent researcher Anna Bolin, explores the global trends and influences at work behind agriculture mega-projects like MIFEE in Papua.
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