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21 Mar 2014 Three companies to be split-off from Lithuanian Invalda
17 companies owned by NASDAQ traded Invalda LT, holding about 3,000 ha to be transferred to new company INVL Baltic Farmland.
Baltic Course
09 Jul 2020 We have decided to focus on production in Latvia, and we have our reasons
We naively believed that collaboration with farmland investor NCH Capital would be our opportunity for honest business in Ukraine. The complete opposite turned out to be true.
Baltic Course
20 Jul 2016 Foreigners own about 15% of Latvian agricultural land - farming association
A ban on selling land to citizens of foreign countries was proposed in order to protect local farmers who cannot compete with large Danish, German and other European agricultural enterprises in terms of prices and possibilities to attract funding.
Baltic Course
12 Dec 2013 Latvian farmers advised to exercise caution in signing land lease contracts with foreigners
Several farmers in Latvia report incidents with foreign entities that offer farmers highly complex land rental agreements where, should farmers fail to meet certain contractual provisions, they can lose the land.
Baltic Course