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05 Feb 2014 The smokescreen of foreign ownership of farmland
Let us focus on the real issue that our legislators should be grasping: how do we keep farmers operating and attract farmers to own the land they work, and not become peasants on land rented from institutional investors, domestic or foreign.
LaCrosse Tribune
04 Feb 2014 Sustainability is key in farmland
Pension funds try to adopt a sustainability perspective when investing in farmland abroad, but there is not much consensus on what it means and how to measure it.
23 Jan 2014 Storebrand pulls out from the palm oil industry
Storebrand, the largest private pension fund in the Nordic region, is divesting its shares in eleven of the twelve palm oil companies in which it is invested.
14 Jan 2014 Land rush on Brazil’s frontier
Transport costs have made the country’s agriculture industry uncompetitive. But new infrastructure projects should transform the opportunities some have seen in land values.
13 Jan 2014 Danes turn to the great outdoors for stable returns
A poorly performing bonds environment has led AP Pension to set up its own special agricultural investment fund and buy its first farm.
13 Jan 2014 Farmland: Yield-starved investors go back to the land
This year could see a surge in interest in farmland from investors with very little experience in this complicated asset class, reports Euromoney
09 Jan 2014 What's driving the palm oil industry's human rights abuses and environmental destruction? Just follow the money
Palm oil is cheap because it’s produced by a global industry built on land grabbing, human rights abuses and environmental devastation.
12 Dec 2013 Canada's CPPIB to buy farmland portfolio in Saskatchewan
Last year, CPPIB launched its agriculture investment program which is initially focusing on farmland opportunities in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.
12 Dec 2013 CPPIB buys Saskatchewan farms in $128-million deal
The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is buying a portfolio of Saskatchewan farms, with the $128-million purchase of Assiniboia Farmland LP.
Globe and Mail
02 Dec 2013 Institutions are blazing a trail in CIS farming
Interest in farming from a new class of institutional investors — including hedge, endowment, pension, private equity and sovereign wealth funds — has surged.
Moscow Times
18 Nov 2013 Global funds chase Australian farms
Global fund managers and some of the world's largest pension funds have bought more than $1.5 billion of agricultural land in Australia over the past three years.
Stock Journal
15 Nov 2013 Big ag deal goes largely unnoticed
Late on Wednesday night an Australian trust backed by Swiss, Danish and US fund managers agreed to pay more than $200 million for 12,000 hectares of almond groves in northern Victoria.
Financial Review
02 Oct 2013 Seeds of discontent
Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch investors in Mozambique land grab: powerful new documentary gives a compelling visual portrait of how investment by private financial players can undermine food security and human rights in developing countries.
26 Sep 2013 Global farmland offers potential for asset deals
As the world’s population swells beyond seven billion and emerging markets’ appetite for food grows, Canadian institutions are getting increasingly hungry for agribusiness and farmland acquisitions abroad.
Financial Post
19 Sep 2013 Hunger, food security, and the African land grab
Food companies in the North have always purchased land in the global South to produce export crops. What is different today is the unprecedented scale of these purchases and the kinds of crops that are being grown.
Ethics & International Affairs
30 Aug 2013 SA farmland 'outperforms stocks, bonds'
The returns on investments in South African farmland consistently outstrip those of local and international equities, bonds and real estate, says Futuregrowth Asset Management, the venture capital arm of Old Mutual.
Financial Mail
26 Aug 2013 Foreign investors key for dairy: MG
Australia's Murray Goulburn Co-operative says it plans to bypass traditional bank lending by forging alliances with international investors to support dairy farms.
Weekly Times Now
31 Jul 2013 Land to the tillers: Responses to land grabs
Land reform movements, organizations of indigenous peoples, small farmers, and other citizens are responding to the increased sacking of land and other natural resources throughout the global South.
18 Jul 2013 Indonesia's palm oil industry rife with human-rights abuses
Among the estimated 3.7 million workers in the industry are thousands of child laborers and workers who face dangerous and abusive conditions. Debt bondage is common, and traffickers who prey on victims face few, if any, sanctions from business or government officials.
15 Jul 2013 Black River targets at least $400m for second agriculture fund
Black River Asset Management, owned by food giant Cargill, is targeting $400m for its 2nd ag-focused investment fund. So far, the bulk of the financing has come from a US teachers' pension fund.
Dow Jones
24 Jun 2013 European investments assist landgrabs in Liberia
European banks, pension funds and private equity funds have given financial assistance worth more than €450 million to Malaysian palm oil giant Sime Darby, responsible for environmental degradation and violations of national regulations in Liberia.
11 Jun 2013 NGOs target financial investment in farmland
While NGO pressure has had some impact on speculative investments in agricultural commodities, financial institutions still seem to be very attached to their farmland investments.
Triple Crisis
06 Jun 2013 Are farmland investments heading for a barn bubble?
Farmland has become the darling of alternative investing, sending hedge funds and wealthy investors into bidding wars for plots of land once deemed ordinary. And it is not just big money getting in on the game. From Stockholm to Chicago to Vancouver, ordinary investor money is pouring into fields around the world.
03 Jun 2013 Smithfield Foods – Shuanghui International: The biggest Chinese acquisition that isn't
A Chinese company isn’t buying Smithfield. A shell company based in Cayman Islands is. Instead of a story about “China buying up the world”, this turns out to be a story of a precarious leveraged buyout deal by some large global private equity firms looking to borrow their way to a fortune.
28 May 2013 ABP, PFZW to stick with controversial palm oil firm
Dutch pension funds say they will remain invested in Wilmar International due to their successful efforts to engage with the controversial palm-oil company accused by many of land grabbing
22 May 2013 The anatomy of a Mozambique land deal
A multi-million dollar “ethical” plantation development in northwestern Mozambique - the initiative of a clutch of Scandinavian faith-based organizations - has faced alleged acts of sabotage by the very people it was designed to assist, illustrating the divisions between foreign benefactors and local communities.
22 Apr 2013 Encouraging pension funds to divest from land grabbing activities
Friends of the Earth is running an ethical pension campaign to encourage investors to ask their providers if they invest in land grabbing activities. Emma Websdale spoke with campaigner Kirtana Chandrasekaran to discuss why it is such an important issue.
Blue & Green Tomorrow
22 Apr 2013 Swedish buffer fund AP2 under scrutiny from NGO over Brazilian farmland investments
Sweden’s SEK227.3bn (€26.7bn) state buffer fund Andra AP-fonden (AP2) has been accused of a lack of transparency and snapping up cheap agricultural land in Brazil by campaign group Swedwatch. AP2 denies the allegations.
Responsible Investor
16 Apr 2013 Lack of transparency when Swedish Pension Fund AP2 invests in farmland in Brazil
A new Swedwatch report shows a lack of transparency and inadequate auditing of ethics and environmental impacts in AP2’s investment in farmland in Brazil. For business reasons, the investment is surrounded by a high level of secrecy, which makes scrutiny from the outside impossible.
03 Apr 2013 CRE groups back proposal to grant FIRPTA exemptions to foreign pension investors
The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act was first passed in 1980 by Congress to limit foreign control over US farmland. Obama now wants things changed.
Costar Group