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21 Nov 2018 Australia: Have offshore players got the jump on local investors?
The BFB sale has raised concerns that even if local bidders are able to raise the cash required for these deals, they’re not able to compete with the vast resources and track records of international players.
The Land
14 Nov 2018 Foreign investor rules questioned in Riverina agribusiness sale
A group of Riverina farmers is demanding answers from the federal government over the sale of BFB, a large diversified agribusiness in Temora, which is being sold by a US private equity investor to a Canadian pension fund.
13 Nov 2018 L’accaparement des terres perpétré par les fonds de pension dans le monde doit cesser
Depuis une dizaine d’années, l’argent des fonds de pension alimente un énorme investissement dans les terres agricoles. Le nombre de fonds de pension investissant dans les terres agricoles et les sommes d’argent déployées à cette fin sont en augmentation, mais tout se fait discrètement.
13 Nov 2018 The global farmland grab by pension funds needs to stop
Money from pension funds has fuelled the financial sector's massive move into farmland investing over the past decade. The number of pension funds involved in farmland investment and the amount of money they are deploying into it is increasing, under the radar.
04 Nov 2018 Jaguar scheme opts for forestry and farmland
According to its latest investment report, the Jaguar Pension Plan placed $16.5m in an agriculture fund managed by Boston-based Folium Capital
Pensions Expert
17 Oct 2018 Landgrabbing, illicit finance and corporate crime: an update
GRAIN recently learned that several cases of land grabbing have been prosecuted in the courts, or been acted upon by national authorities, and so we have compiled a short update on these developments.
12 Oct 2018 IMF-WBG and landgrabbing: Funding rural peoples’ destitution
Despite all the hypocritical calls and posturing of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for ending hunger, they have facilitated, enabled, and led the global rush for landgrabs
09 Oct 2018 How Harvard’s investments exacerbate global land and water conflicts
The elite university has quietly become one of the largest owners of farmland in the world, according to a new report by GRAIN, an international nonprofit supporting small farmers, and Brazil-based Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos
22 Sep 2018 International Farming Corporation raising $1.5B for US farmalnd fund
The $128 billion Washington State Investment Board is considering investing up to $250 million in the IFC Core Farmland Fund – an open-ended vehicle focused on investing in U.S. farming operations
13 Sep 2018 Harvard purchases 741,000 acres and creates conflict with local communities
The US university, through its endowment fund, maintains a business chain with Brazilian companies and its subsidiaries to circumvent Brazilian law, according to a report.
Brasil de Fato
08 Sep 2018 Harvard University accused of land grab & violation of indigenous people's rights: study
The university's endowment fund, meant to support educational and research goals, was misused to acquire 850,000 hectares of farmland across 5 continents during the past 10 years.
Down to Earth
06 Sep 2018 Harvard's billion-dollar farmland fiasco
One of the world's major buyers of farmland is under fire for their involvement in land conflicts, environmental destruction and risky investments. A new report by GRAIN and Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos presents, for the first time, a comprehensive analysis of Harvard University's controversial investments in global farmland.
GRAIN and Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos
02 Sep 2018 Businessman turned philanthropist accused of murders and land theft in Brazil's Northeast
Portrait of a Brazilian businessman accused of violent land grabbing whose clients include Cargill, Bunge and the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA).
Brasil Reporter
22 Aug 2018 Laguna Bay Pastoral Company buys eight Smithton dairies
Australian agricultural funds manager Laguna Bay Pastoral Company, which acts for North American pension funds, has recently bought eight dairy farms in the Smithton area.
The Advocate
03 Jul 2018 Land speculation is leading to human rights violations and eco-destruction in Brazil
A new report uncovers how international pension funds, foreign investments and institutions are tearing down any future for rural communities in Northeastern Brazil.
FIAN et al
26 Jun 2018 Dutch pension fund divests from Posco Daewoo over deforestation in Indonesia
APB, the Dutch pension fund for government and education employees, announced it would divest 300,000 euros from Posco Daewoo over deforestation in Indonesian Papua.
30 May 2018 Land-grabbing and the financialization of agricultural land
On the occasion of the publication of Transnational Corporations and Land Speculation in Brazil, Mary Taylor of LeftEast spoke with Fábio Pitta, Devlin Kuyek and Attila Szőcs about the broader implications of the report's findings.
23 May 2018 Who owns Australia’s farms? Nation’s biggest landholders of 2018
The Weekly Times has compiled a list of more than 900 properties, and their owners, who range from family farms to domestic and international corporate and investment institutions. The result? The big are getting bigger.
Weekly Times
02 Apr 2018 Documents forged with cricket poop used to legalize land claims in Brazil as World Bank project opens doors to land grabber
During the World Bank's annual land conference. Actionaid joined with 70 organizations in Brazil and across the globe to reveal how one of the Bank's own projects is a “license for land grabbing.”
28 Mar 2018 Cerrado: U.S. investment spurs land theft, deforestation in Brazil, say experts
Investigation uncovers how Harvard University's endowment is involved in a violent case of land grabbing, covering 140,000 ha in the Brazilian state of Bahia.
26 Mar 2018 Mozambique: Another Norfund fiasco as Matanuska goes bust
The banana plantation in Monapo, Nampula, that was supposed to be a model for foreign farm investment and was promoted by Norfund, has finally gone bankrupt, at huge cost to Mozambique.
Mozambique News
30 Jan 2018 AgCAP completes sale of livestock, cropping portfolio
AgCAP has completed the sale of its initial Sustainable Agriculture Fund (SAF) portfolio, which included the sale to institutional and private equity investors of SAF’s three cropping aggregations in Australia.
Grain Central
15 Jan 2018 Canada's Public Sector Pension Board gets OIO approval to buy $17.7M dairy farm and block
Canada's Public Sector Pension Investment Board, got a green light to buy a medium-sized New Zealand dairy farm and a neighbouring dairy support block in Canterbury for $17.7 million just ahead of tougher requirements on land sales to foreign buyers.
15 Jan 2018 China's Rifa boss to lead $1b Canadian ag portfolio in Australia
One of the people most active in driving Chinese investment in Australian farmland, David Goodfellow, is switching camps to help build a $1 billion Canadian investment portfolio.
Farm Online
06 Nov 2017 Indigenous lands at risk, as Amazon sellout by Brazil’s Temer continues (commentary)
Brazilian president Michel Temer has now twice survived votes to initiate impeachment against him. Temer did so by selling out the environment, allowing agribusiness to rent indigenous lands.
31 Oct 2017 Hewitt Cattle Australia secure stake in Arcadian Organic
The deal will also see the company, backed by Canada's Public Sector Pension Investment Board, acquire two certified organic properties owned by Arcadian covering over 30,000 ha.
19 Oct 2017 Gambling with nature: A risky investment
In the last ten years, pension funds and other large investment funds have invested more and more in agricultural land as a part of their financial portfolios, contributing to increasing human rights violations and environmental destruction.
04 Oct 2017 NZ Super Fund takes stake in Australian beef stud
The New Zealand Superannuation Fund has made its first offshore farm investment, taking a stake in Australian beef stud Palgrove for an undisclosed amount.
NZ Herald
29 Sep 2017 Virginia Retirement System awards $150m farmland separate account
It is the first time the US pension fund has awarded a separate account for the asset class, although in February it announced it was investing $125m in International Farming Corporation’s US Farming Realty Trust III.
26 Sep 2017 Toda a terra será capturada?
A compra de áreas griladas brasileiras por um fundo dos professores de Nova York revela como as finanças globais estão submetendo a agricultura a sua lógica de ferro
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