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09 Mar 2010 El nuevo acaparamiento de tierras en América Latina
Inversionistas extranjeros han acaparado en pocos años millones de hectáreas de tierras de cultivo en América Latina para producir cultivos alimentarios o agrocombustibles y exportarlos. Gran parte del dinero proviene de fondos de pensión, bancos, grupos de inversión privada de Europa y Estados Unidos, o de individuos acaudalados como George Soros, y fluye a través de mecanismos de inversión en tierras de cultivo puestos a operar mediante compañías extranjeras y locales.
07 Mar 2010 How food and water are driving a 21st-century African land grab
An Observer investigation reveals how rich countries faced by a global food shortage now farm an area double the size of the UK to guarantee supplies for their citizens
The Guardian
05 Mar 2010 Land grabbing in Latin America
Right now communities in Latin America, as around the world, are suffering a new kind of invasion of their territories
13 Feb 2010 Billions more mouths to feed: Funds investing in farmland
Listening to Susan Payne you could be forgiven for thinking land funds are a holy grail for the ethical investor: money-making opportunities with a sanctifying air of do-goodery.
The Spectator
25 Jan 2010 Gulf firm seeks long-term lease on Tanzanian farmland
A UAE company is seeking a 98-year lease on vast tracts of farmland in Tanzania to grow rice in order to secure food supplies for the Gulf countries.
This Day
21 Jan 2010 Gulf sovereign funds show interest in farmland fund
The fund is in the process of leasing 50,000 hectares of land in Tanzania which will be complete by the end of this year and will mainly be for rice production.
30 Nov 2009 Wall Street fait main basse sur les terres agricoles
Sous l’œil bienveillant de l’ONU, les grands noms de la finance s’accaparent des régions agricoles entières.
La Terre
25 Nov 2009 Land rush in Africa
Agribusiness and global investors are scooping up farmland. Are corporate farmers the new colonialists? asks BusinessWeek
Business Week
24 Nov 2009 Pension funds seek out agricultural assets
Pension funds are seeking out agricultural and commodity-related assets that offer diversification from traditional asset classes and superior returns to listed equities.
Global Pensions
05 Nov 2009 Profits before people: The great African liquidation sale
The fervour with which foreign commercial interests are forcing their agricultural 'solutions' on the African continent represents nothing more than an established endeavour to protect profits and access to resources.
02 Nov 2009 Global protocol could limit Sub-Saharan land grab
New code of conduct could limit aggressive moves by China, South Korea and Gulf states who have been buying vast tracts of agricultural land
The Guardian
20 Oct 2009 The new farm owners: Corporate investors lead the rush for control over overseas farmland
Today's emerging new farm owners are private equity fund managers, specialised farmland fund operators, hedge funds, pension funds, big banks and the like.
28 Sep 2009 Agriculture wins pension fund mandates
Key areas of investment interest from pension and sovereign wealth funds in UK, Middle East, Europe and the US include agriculture land in Australia, South and North America, and throughout Europe.
Financial Standard
20 Sep 2009 Land grab for the world's farms
In the Philippines, a land lease hotspot like Cambodia or Laos, a series of high-profile deals has clashed with long-running demands for agrarian reform including land redistribution.
World Mission Magazine
09 Sep 2009 Saudi private $533 mln agri-business firm eyes 2010 start
A group of private Saudi investors said they plan to start a company with $533.3 million capital that will invest in farm projects mainly abroad. First projects may be with Ghana, Turkey and Kazakhstan.
09 Sep 2009 Agricultural investment firm opened
Saudi Arabia announces the launch of Agroinvest, which will focus on farm acquisitions abroad to grow wheat, rice, soybeans and other crops in Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan and Turkey
Arab News
19 Aug 2009 Cheap Canadian farmland lures foreign buyers
Hancock Agricultural Investment Group, a Boston-based unit of Toronto's Manulife Financial Corp., decided its first Canadian purchase would be an 1,100-acre (450-hectare) patch of land that it called "one of the most highly productive properties in the industry." The company will not disclose how much it paid, or even the exact location of the farm. But president Jeff Conrad said the company is in Canada to stay, and the fund plans to seek more land.
Mail and Globe
03 Aug 2009 A new attack: G20 countries practice ‘agricolonialism’ in developing countries
The social consequences of these land grabs are significant.
Workers' World
30 Jul 2009 Foreign investors snap up African farmland
Because of the political sensitivity of the modern-day land grab, it is often only the country's head of state who knows the details. Der Spiegel investigates.
Der Spiegel
10 Jun 2009 Betting the farm
As world population expands, the demand for arable land should soar. At least that's what George Soros, Lord Rothschild, and other investors believe.
07 Mar 2009 Investing: Into Africa
Cru Investment Management PLC, a company based in Cardiff, UK, forecast a 30% return for an agricultural fund that generated profit from farms in Malawi.
Canadian Business
05 Mar 2009 Quest for food security breeds neo-colonialists
Perhaps the UN’s hand-wringing is just sentimental. Deals will be done and the rush to buy land has begun in Europe, too.
The Times (London)
23 Feb 2009 Focus: Agriculture grows in stature
Agriculture opportunities are accessed through land purchase (for production of foodstuffs or, more recently, biofuels), through equity investments in companies associated with this theme or – as is the case for £143m Ceres Agriculture fund – through pure derivative strategies.
Financial Times
08 Jan 2009 Betting on the Russian farm
"We are seeing a land grab bigger than anywhere else in the world, and it has attracted a mighty cast of characters," says Kingsmill Bond, chief strategist at Troika Dialog, a Moscow brokerage firm.
Institutional Investor
15 Sep 2008 All about investing in agricultural land
As with timberland, while direct ownership and management (i.e., being a farmer), is a possibility, such a route is similarly fraught with difficulties. One of the most significant of these is the issue of diversification in the farmland itself - especially with a single investment. A well-diversified holding of farmland (row crop, permanent crop, pasture and even timber) will, therefore, not only require a significant investment, but may also involve land holdings in a number of different locations.
08 Jul 2008 Financializing Food: Schroders Closes One Fund, Launches New as Speculative Money Continues to Flood into Commodity Funds
Gobal fund manager Schroders is launching an Agricultural Land Fund, only months after closing its USD 6 billion Alternative Solutions Agriculture Fund due to excessive investor demand.
Indonesia Investmenet Coordinating Board
18 May 2008 Richard Spinks of Landkom snaps up Ukraine plots to cash in on high crop prices
A British entrepreneur is leasing land from smallholders in an attempt to revive the breadbasket of the former Soviet Union
Wall Street Journal
12 May 2008 In Ukraine, mavericks gamble on scarce land
Landkom has leased 165,000 acres from thousands of landowners in Ukraine and will reap its first big harvest this year.
Wall Sreet Journal