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08 Jul 2008 Financializing Food: Schroders Closes One Fund, Launches New as Speculative Money Continues to Flood into Commodity Funds
Gobal fund manager Schroders is launching an Agricultural Land Fund, only months after closing its USD 6 billion Alternative Solutions Agriculture Fund due to excessive investor demand.
Indonesia Investmenet Coordinating Board
18 May 2008 Richard Spinks of Landkom snaps up Ukraine plots to cash in on high crop prices
A British entrepreneur is leasing land from smallholders in an attempt to revive the breadbasket of the former Soviet Union
Wall Street Journal
12 May 2008 In Ukraine, mavericks gamble on scarce land
Landkom has leased 165,000 acres from thousands of landowners in Ukraine and will reap its first big harvest this year.
Wall Sreet Journal