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03 Dec 2010 Oxford endowment chief outlines strategy
Real asset investments held by the fund include farmland and natural resources.
Global Money Management
24 Nov 2010 Why corporate Canada is very interested in buying the farm
Saskatchewan has some of the richest and least expensive farmland in the world, and there's a gigantic pool of global money that would like to buy up as much of it as they can.
Globe and Mail
24 Nov 2010 Boardroom farmers: Some of the world's biggest agricultural investors
Global investment funds have sunk as much as $20-billion (U.S.) into farmland, last year alone they bought 111 million acres of farmland.
Globe and Mail
24 Nov 2010 Do corporate buyouts signal the end of the family farm?
“There are people that are dying to invest large sums of money to acquire farmland in Canada that aren't Canadian citizens,” says Jan Kaminski, founder of Bonnefield.
Globe and Mail
09 Nov 2010 Bankers, funds try to cope with demand for farms
Bankers and fund managers are scrambling to build up rural expertise in response to rocketing investor demand to buy entire farms as an inflation hedge.
05 Oct 2010 US investors plough cash into farmland
Investment managers in the US report rising interest from pension schemes and retail investors in funds that buy and run farmland in developed countries.
19 Sep 2010 Investors seeing farmland as safer bet than stocks
Wary of fluctuations on Wall Street, more wealthy Americans, private funds and foreigners are putting money into parcels of cornfields, fruit orchards and other US agricultural products.
LA Times
27 Aug 2010 Buying Africa for a song
UNCTAD believes pension funds, with their apparent focus on reputation, accountability, and the long term, could set new best-practice standards as they join the farmland investment trend.
Guardian News and Media
16 Aug 2010 The land rush doesn't have to end in a poor deal for Africans
It is not too late for equitable partnerships to flourish between foreign investors and local communities.
12 Aug 2010 Who's who of South America corporate farm giants
With the surge of corporate farms in Argentina and Brazil over the past two to three years, I thought it would be useful to compile a list of the biggest groups with a short description of each.
Progressive Farmer
27 Jul 2010 Hedge funds and the true cost of vulture capitalism
Hedge funds and bankers are buying everything from farmland to mines across the Global South. Mark L Thomas looks at how speculators here fuel exploitation half a world away
Socialist Worker
01 Jul 2010 Pension funds – future farmers
Report on the growing popularity of farmland investment in the developing world for European pension funds
IPE Magazine
29 Jun 2010 TIAA-CREF: Why investments in farmland are now 'like gold'
TIAA-CREF owns agricultural land in the US, Australia, Brazil and central and Eastern Europe, most of which is leased out.
29 Jun 2010 ANALYSIS-Pension funds to bulk up farmland investments
Pension funds are deepening their commitment to farmland, upping investments by billions of dollars and moving to active strategies, as a hedge against potential inflation and to diversifty from riskier investments.
04 Jun 2010 SilverStreet Fund focuses on agriculture in Africa
SilverStreet is scouting for commercial farms in five countries — Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.
Institutional Investor
01 Jun 2010 Agricultural investments on a hot run in Brazil
Brazilian farm companies are in a race of investments with every major company making new acquisitions and major capital investments.
01 Jun 2010 Funds: Nothing ventured, nothing gained in Bulgaria
Karoll Capital Management, the country's largest landlord after the government, sees continuing prospects for farmland investment in Bulgaria
28 May 2010 SilverStreet Fund focuses on agriculture in Africa
Vaughan-Smith and his team of seven professionals are scouting for commercial farms in five countries — Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia — where conditions are deemed to be the most favorable.
Institutional Investor
28 May 2010 Agriculture Outlook Europe: London, 23-25 June 2010
"The ONLY place where agriculture businesses and investors come together to discuss farmland investment" says the promoters
26 May 2010 The world agriculture industry: A study in falling supply and rising demand
We believe that farmland, and agriculture generally, will shortly move beyond the ‘acceptable’ in the eyes of the world’s investment management community and become a core product.
Hardman & Co
19 May 2010 Land of the giants: Investors favor scale on Brazil's frontier
In Brazil, El Tejar and others are investing in ownership and hope to capture land appreciation. BrasilAgro brags that it sold one farm for a gain of 116 percent in just 17 months.
07 May 2010 Wall Street eyes farmland
Wall Street financiers now interested in channeling billions of new dollars into cropland include heavy hitters like UBS, Morgan Stanley and Rabobank.
07 May 2010 Funds flow toward farmland as experts eye deals
Cargill and Bunge among firms setting up funds to buy farms in Asia and South America.
02 May 2010 Roman Rosslenbroich: Way ahead of the alternatives crowd
Mr Rosslenbroich is particularly enthusiastic about agriculture, where he says Aquila has “teams travelling the world looking for farms”, with New Zealand dairy farms a speciality.
Financial Times
21 Apr 2010 Agriculture Outlook 2010: Farmland investor conference in London, UK
Agriculture is suddenly on every end investor’s radar, and many are dipping their toes in the water through pure farmland investment.
Agriculture Outlook
19 Apr 2010 Fertile ground for investment
European pension funds are investing in global farmland, with a focus on emerging markets. If political problems arise, “You'll have the World Bank on your side,” SilverStreet's chief investment officer said.
Pensions & Investments
25 Mar 2010 Chinese bid for NZ dairy creates concern
"The Chinese want a secure food supply, and they're coming into New Zealand to do that, by the look of it," a local farm union official says
24 Mar 2010 S.Africa firms launch $408 mln farmland fund
Two South African asset management firms launched a 3 billion rand farmland investment fund on Wednesday that is expected to help boost agricultural development in Africa's biggest economy.
17 Mar 2010 Hancock ag investors eyeing more farm deals
Investors are growing more bullish on U.S. farmland as softness in some sectors spurs increased competition for buying quality acres. Capital flow is increasing from overseas, in particular from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
12 Mar 2010 L’accaparement des terres en Amérique latine
En Amérique latine, comme partout ailleurs dans le monde, les communautés subissent actuellement une nouvelle forme d’invasion de leur territoire.