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29 Feb 2012 Africa for sale: The land grab landmine
The scariest aspect of this unfolding phenomenon is that despite the foreseeable terrible consequences, the appetite among the rich countries to own a piece of this developing-country fertile land continues to grow, turning to an ugly competition.
Peace & Conflict Monitor
28 Feb 2012 Land rush: Speculators stake claim to Prairie farmland
Debates around farmland acquisition have focused mostly on how the phenomenon is playing out in the Global South. Much less attention has been paid to large-scale acquisitions of farmland in wealthier countries like Canada.
23 Feb 2012 GRAIN releases data set with over 400 global land grabs
New data set documens 416 recent, large-scale land grabs by foreign investors for the production of food crops, covering nearly 35 million hectares of land in 66 countries.
17 Feb 2012 How Norway and the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate threaten peatland and forest in Papua
A new report by Greenomics Indonesia documents how the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate threatens peatland and forest in Papua province, Indonesia.
REDD Monitor
14 Feb 2012 Farmland is global asset for TIAA-CREF, Minaya says
Jose Minaya of TIAA-CREF talks about growing investor interest in farmland and the role of farmland in the pension fund's investment strategy.
06 Feb 2012 PPF to set up farmland and timberland panel
The £9bn Pension Protection Fund is set to add specialist farmland and timberland fund managers to its investment manager panel to assist its alternative investment programme.
Professional Pensions
19 Jan 2012 ETF may stand for exchange-traded farmland
Canada could soon get its first exchange-traded farmland management stock.
Financial Post
13 Jan 2012 Accaparement de terres : anatomie d’un pillage
Aucun aménagement à la marge de ces politiques ne saurait contenir la rapacité des investisseurs, publics ou privés : c’est la logique néolibérale qui les sous-tend qu’il faut combattre, au moyen de mobilisations populaires
Lot en Action
19 Dec 2011 Foreign investment in Aussie farmland on hold
Foreign investors have spent a record $12 billion buying up Australian farmland and agricultural businesses over the past year, but have put off investing a further $14 billion until the outcome of a Senate inquiry in March 2012, a new report by Ferrier Hodgson says.
Property Observer
15 Dec 2011 Reap what you sow: Why there's money in farmland
Tony Hales, managing director of Stadia Trustees, puts forward the case for including farmland in clients’ self-invested personal pensions (UK)
IFA Online
11 Dec 2011 Swedish development assistance millions to new land grab
Right now, on the desks of Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) there is the background material for an application of credit guarantee for an 8000 ha sugar plantation and a refinery in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.
08 Dec 2011 Aquila readies Asia hedge fund, $150 mln agri fund for 2012
"The whole mess in Europe at the moment has increased demand for diversification products for the Asian markets," says Aquila CEO Roman Rosslenbroich, including farmland.
07 Dec 2011 Pensions money invested in farmland abroad
Swedish pensions money is threatening the livelihoods of small farming communities in Brazil and risk speeding up the devastation of the rainforest.
Radio Sweden
06 Dec 2011 GRAIN calls for end to land grabbing at Swedish Parliament
In the acceptance speech for the 2011 ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’, GRAIN demands an immediate end to land grabbing and a restitution of lands to local communities.
03 Dec 2011 Project pensioenfonds ABP in Mozambique mondt uit in landroof
De investeringen van pensioenfonds ABP in Mozambique hebben de afgelopen jaren bijgedragen aan het afpakken van boerenland en het bedreigen van de voedselzekerheid van de lokale bevolking.
De Volkskrant
30 Nov 2011 Indonesia taken to task over MIFEE
The following report, by independent researcher Anna Bolin, explores the global trends and influences at work behind agriculture mega-projects like MIFEE in Papua.
Down to Earth
23 Nov 2011 Final Declaration: Stop land grabbing now!
In the past three days, peasants, pastoralists and indigenous peoples have come together from across the world for the first time to share with each other their experiences and struggles against land-grabbing.
Via Campesina
16 Nov 2011 Land: getting more expensive – inevitably
It’s obvious that pension funds and other big-money managers are ‘getting’ the agri-land investment story.
15 Nov 2011 Afrika skal forgylde danske pensionister
PensionDanmark har investeret over en halv milliard i afrikansk landsbrugsjord. Pensionsselsskabet forudser, at Afrika bliver den næste store vækstregion.
11 Nov 2011 This land is our land
Corporate agriculture is not about food production or satisfying the needs of the undernourished or downright starving but about producing profit. How long can it be before its limits are reached?
01 Nov 2011 Big money warms to farmland
Pension funds and other corporate owners have spent only a tiny fraction of the billions of dollars they could invest in farmland, but they are definitely kicking the tires on potential purchases.
21 Oct 2011 Farmland draws increased interest from investors
There is a lot of focus on the growing global population and what it means for food demand. One result sees investors taking notice of returns on resources that provide food, including farmland.
Wallaces Farmer
17 Oct 2011 Structural change in commodity markets: private financial sector investment in agriculture
Report by HighQuest Partners for the OECD, October 2011, features 6 case studies of land grabbers: Agrica, CalyxAgro, Cazanae, Jantzen, NFD Agro and Quifel
10 Oct 2011 Major pension fund invests in farm land
Roger Ferguson, chief executive of TIAA-CREF, says his firm is increasingly acquiring farmland in the US, Eastern Europe, Australia and Brazil as long term investments.
06 Oct 2011 Food finance: Founding farmers
Asset owners and managers are signing up to a series of principles on how they invest in agricultural land. Will this mollify critics of the land grab? Nick Lord reports.
04 Oct 2011 Land appeals as safe haven
In Brazil, government surveys found foreigners owned 10% of the nation's cultivated land. Much of that was funds with international backing in London or New York.
Progressive Farmer
03 Oct 2011 New CDC investment to support African agribusiness
CDC, the UK’s development finance institution, today announced a US$20m investment in farming businesses in Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Uganda
23 Sep 2011 Thanks to speculative investors, the food market will be the next bubble to burst
Unfortunately, given the global nature of capital, even if the US were to completely shut down speculation, it would just move offshore.
18 Sep 2011 Defining responsible farmland investing
Farmland is an increasingly attractive investment for pension funds, but some have held back from buying due to ethical and environmental concerns, and a fear of negative public perception.
01 Sep 2011 Speculating with lives: How global investors make money out of hunger
The idea of combining the greed of investors with the fight against hunger as a mutually beneficial business venture has failed miserably
Der Spiegel