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16 Jul 2012 UK’s Environment Agency pension to invest in farmland
The £1.9bn pension fund of the UK’s Environment Agency is set to unveil a new investment strategy later this month, including plans to invest in farmland and forestry for the first time.
Financial News
13 Jul 2012 Commodity falls spark investor rethink
Passive indices have been replaced by new sophisticated active indices and pension fund managers like APG are investing in natural resources assets, including farmland.
03 Jul 2012 The SR Fund offers long term SIPP investors a multitude of benefits
The new Luxembourg-registered Sustainable Resources Fund boasts anticipated potential returns of at least 15% per annum on forestry, agriculture, biomass and land.
SR Fund
28 Jun 2012 Malaysia's Felda surges 20 percent in debut of world's No.2 IPO
Felda Global plans to use the bulk of its proceeds to snap up more plantations in Southeast Asia and Africa and boost its refining and market business in its bid to become a peer to Archer-Daniel Midlands and Cargill by 2020.
27 Jun 2012 Big pension funds plough money into farmland
At an agriculture investment summit in London on Wednesday, leading U.S. and European pensions funds said few assets remained immune from whipsawing markets, prompting institutions to look at farmland.
26 Jun 2012 British farms a better bet than gold
Farmland is "an obvious no-brainer choice for most pension funds," according to Savills director of residential research Yolande Barnes.
26 Jun 2012 Land grabbing by pension funds and other financial institutions must be stopped
Joint statement released by more than 60 civil society organisations against the role of pension funds and other financial instutions in land grabbing
26 Jun 2012 UK investors gather for controversial Africa land summit
International development and environment charities to protest against 'land grab' outside Agriculture Investment Summit
The Guardian
10 Jun 2012 Buy a farm, says investment guru
As Europe's debt crisis rattles global equity market confidence farming is being increasingly championed by many as a sound, long-term bet for investors needing a safe haven for their money - particularly superannuation funds.
Stock & Land
31 May 2012 SLC wins $239m for Brazil land purchase spree
SLC Agricola, the Brazil farm operator with large ambitions in farmland acquisition, sealed a $239m cash injection from UK fund manager Valiance Asset Management for a business aimed at turning scrub into "high-quality" farms.
31 May 2012 Investment principles for farmland
The PRI for Farmland are supposed to an opportunity for communities and CSOs to assess the performance of investors in farmland against a set of voluntary standards, but fall short of what’s needed to hold companies properly to account.
23 May 2012 Did TIAA-CREF just launch the future of institutional investment?
A pension fund(!) has seeded(!) a new company (i.e., not a fund!) that will invest its own assets as well as those of peers(!) in actual farms(!) in the developed and developing world!
Institutional Investor
22 May 2012 Wheat price skyrockets and wheat farmland investments stand to benefit
Investment advisors point to current rise in wheat prices as one more reason to invest in farmland...
Seeking Alpha
20 May 2012 Fred Pearce: Land grabbing has more of an impact on the world's poor than climate change
The science and environment author discusses a growing global threat
The Guardian
17 May 2012 Is your retirement fund a land-grabber?
The Financial Times reported this week that TIAA-CREF is developing a new “investment vehicle” that will bet the retirement funds of millions of American on the rising price of farmland around the world.
17 May 2012 Beleaguered West Papuans left to count the cost of Indonesia's palm oil boom
Indigenous Papuans are reeling from the cut-price sale of the land and forests that are their lifeblood
The Guardian
14 May 2012 TIAA-CREF forms global farmland investing company
Financial services group TIAA-CREF said it is partnering with Canadian and European money managers to form a $2 billion global farmland investing company to capitalize on the growing demand for grains and other agricultural products.
14 May 2012 La Caisse dans les terres agricoles
La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec se lance à son tour dans la déferlante d’investissements des fonds de retraite dans les terres agricoles.
Les Affaires
02 May 2012 Focusing on land grabs in Africa
On the evening of April 24, following a daylong rally against large-scale land investment deals in poor nations, the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan became the venue for a 30-minute light show against land grabs in Africa.
02 May 2012 Food fears feed global scramble for land
Sixty years on, controversial agricultural projects are back in fashion in Africa and other parts of the developing world as investors - from foreign governments to wealthy individuals - hunt for land to grow food.
01 May 2012 Investing in farmland: Reaping returns
A global food crisis and rapid population growth are making farmland an increasingly attractive investment. Holly Black looks at the options.
23 Apr 2012 Massive theft of developing world's farmland
"During my research trips in Africa, I came across posters against the land grab deals," Liberti told IPS. "One said: ‘Future generations will damn your graves, because you did not leave them any land.’"
23 Apr 2012 Farmers demand World Bank, Wall Street stop grabbing their lands at opening of the Bank’s annual conference in Washington, DC
The World Bank is playing a leading role in a global land grab, says farmers' movement and its international allies.
CRBM, FIAN, Focus, FOE, GRAIN, La Via Campesina, TNI
19 Apr 2012 Mozambique: World Bank to discuss land policy in the country
A policy paper will next week be presented to the annual World Bank conference on land and poverty in Washington DC in the United States, which focuses on the confrontation between peasant producers and investors in the Mozambican province of Zambezia.
09 Apr 2012 The search for food security gains momentum
India, which doesn’t allow corporate farming domestically, has joined the growing list of countries going overseas to look for food security.
Asia Sentinel
02 Apr 2012 Agriculture: a challenging investment with great potential
While agricultural land has the potential to provide a source of long term fixed income, the hurdles are enormous. Extreme illiquidity and sensitivity to geo-political risk mean that diversification of holdings and careful selection are key.
27 Mar 2012 UN moves to curb farmland grabs
The UN has proposed that countries set limits on the size of agriculture land sales to regulate the growing trend of so-called farmland grabs.
Nicosia Business Review
09 Mar 2012 Land-grabbing claims complicate agricultural investment, says BT scheme
The BT Pension Scheme has acknowledged that investing in agriculture land was a "real challenge" due to concerns over accusations of land grabbing.
02 Mar 2012 Denmark's PKA rejects claims over 'land grabbing' in Africa
PKA has defended its investments in African agricultural land, denying they are ethically dubious or constitute "land grabbing".
01 Mar 2012 Dwindling resources trigger global land rush
A global scramble for land and mineral resources fuelled by billions of investment dollars is threatening the last remaining wilderness and critical ecosystems, destroying communities and contaminating huge volumes of fresh water.