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06 Dec 2012 Business investments: Farmland as an asset
Many of the world’s biggest pension funds as well as family offices of wealthy individuals –looking for diversification and steady returns in times of market volatility– have been pouring money into farmlands, writes Kelvins Tan
The Edge Malaysia
06 Dec 2012 Bloomberg Hedge Fund Summit 2012: Commodities with Ospraie’s Anderson
Ospraie Management, the famous commodities hedge fund, is still long on farmland because it has actual cash flow. Many pension funds are now buying farmlands, reports Bloomberg.
04 Dec 2012 American and European pension funds seeking place for their money
The results of pension funds’ alternative investments have been passable so far. In the case of farmland, at the end of last year the average total annual return over a 10 year period was more than 10%.
04 Dec 2012 It's 2 am in Africa -- Do you know what your pension fund is doing there?
New report from Oakland Institute looks at private equity funds betting heavily on agriculture
Oakland Institute
30 Nov 2012 Civil society groups to investors: Stop land grabbing
Major farmland investors such as banks and pension funds must stop facilitating land grabs, civil society groups on the eve of a global farmland investment conference in London on December 3-5, have said.
30 Nov 2012 Invest in food on climate change risk: Baring
Taking tracts of agricultural land is among ways to play the risks of climate change says Baring Asset Management's chief investment officer, Marino Valensise.
28 Nov 2012 PPF broadens its investment horizons
Farmland and timberland are now separate asset classes, the UK's Pension Protection Fund has asserted in its revised investment principles.
26 Nov 2012 PPF reveals farmland and timberland fund managers
The proportion of PPF's £12bn portfolio of assets allocated to farm and timberland will vary over time and depend on the opportunities available now and in the future.
Professional Pensions
19 Nov 2012 Analysis: Foreign investors in Australian farms; rash or prescient?
For all the willing buyers seeking tracts of Australian farm land, local investors are not among them. They wonder what all the fuss is about.
19 Nov 2012 Profits lure investors to farmland In Arkansas
Continued economic uncertainties are prompting a back-to-the-land movement among investors. And a favored choice of land is farmland.
Arkansas Business
17 Nov 2012 African pension funds: The missing link to African development?
Africa is regarded as the New Eldorado, and is attracting many foreign based private or public investment companies, sovereign wealth funds and even pension funds gradually. Sadly, while foreigners continue to play a major role in growth investments, African pension funds' contributions to this growth are dismal.
Huffington Post
04 Nov 2012 Small Peasants, Big Plantations : Negotiating Land in Niassa. Mozambique
The Mozambiqan government has marked the northern Niassa province to promote commercial, large-scale tree plantations. Currently, the single biggest plantation in the region comprises of 13,000 hectares of eucalyptus and pine, owned by a company called ‘Chikweti Forests of Niassa.’
24 Oct 2012 Land grabbing: From Finland to Mozambique, and back again
On October 9th 2012, the Finnish solidary network Kepa held a discussion on the effects of large-scale land investments or "land grabs" in the Global South.
16 Oct 2012 Who's behind the land grabs?
A slide show by GRAIN that profiles some of those who have been most actively pursuing or supporting farmland grabs around the world.
16 Oct 2012 MetLife bets on Brazil farms as bond yields hurt results
MetLife Inc, the largest US life insurer, started a business to make agricultural loans in Brazil as insurers expand in developing markets and seek investments to boost income with interest rates near record lows.
10 Oct 2012 Bolloré, Crédit agricole, Louis Dreyfus : ces groupes français, champions de l’accaparement de terres
Après le groupe Louis Dreyfus, le deuxième plus gros investisseur français dans les terres agricoles se nomme Vincent Bolloré.
Basta !
01 Oct 2012 Foreign investment in the spotlight
In debate over large scale investments in agriculture in Australia, there are some broader issues about foreign investment that don’t seem to get talked about enough.
01 Oct 2012 Small peasants, big plantations : Negotiating land in Niassa, Mozambique
A delegation of peasants from Niassa recently travelled to The Netherlands and met lawmakers, students and investors in the Chikweti plantations, including the Dutch national pension fund ABP, the biggest investor in the project.
Water Channel
29 Sep 2012 US farmers scramble to buy Brazil's farmland
Foreigners are buying up prime agricultural land, but proposed legislation could curtail the booming trade.
Al Jazeera
18 Sep 2012 Mendillo returns to farms as Harvard vies for Ivy rebound
Since Jane Mendillo took over the endowment in July 2008, Harvard’s holdings of forests, farms and other natural resources in Brazil as well as in New Zealand and Romania have grown to about 10 percent of the portfolio -- more than $3 billion -- and she wants to add more.
10 Sep 2012 PrimeAg plants seed in suitors’ minds
Colliers International estimates about A$4 billion is currently being raised for funds to invest in Australian agriculture, including PrimeAg’s raising of A$125 million in cash for a controversial unlisted A$250 million agriculture fund with Australia’s Future Fund.
Wall Street Journal
04 Sep 2012 PrimeAg may be ripe for foreign picking
It is understood the agricultural division of the $163 billion Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has been sniffing around Australian agricultural land recently and has had discussions in Australia with landholders such as PrimeAg.
The Land
30 Aug 2012 Un investissement agricole responsable ? Les efforts actuels visant à réglementer les accaparements de terres ne font qu’empirer la situation
Jusqu’à maintenant, les efforts déployés pour réglementer les accaparements de terres étaient le fait des institutions internationales. Maintenant, le secteur privé s’engage à définir ses propres règles du jeu.
22 Aug 2012 Responsible farmland investing? Current efforts to regulate land grabs will make things worse
From the World Bank to pension funds, efforts are under way to regulate land grabs through the creation of codes and standards. Rather than help financial and corporate elites to "responsibly invest" in farmland, we need them to stop and divest.
08 Aug 2012 Who's deep into real assets?
Joe Azelby, JP Morgan’s head of Global Real Assets, is seeing a structural shift in many institutional portfolios toward real assets, including farmland.
03 Aug 2012 GMO boss warns of food crisis
Jeremy Grantham of US asset management firm, Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo and Company (GMO), says global investors should have 30% of their portfolios exposed to natural resources, with half of that in forestry and farmland, to take advantage of the growing global food crisis. That is double today's averages.
Top 1000 Funds
02 Aug 2012 Not enough farmland to feed the world
HighQuest Partners in the US say that between 65-80 million hectares of additional land is going to have to be brought into production, globally, within the next 10 years and that this means more foreign farmland investment.
31 Jul 2012 Commodity niches lure as markets converge
Investors are honing the focus of their cash on real assets including farmland, timber, mines and energy projects, which are less correlated to financial markets.
25 Jul 2012 Foreign investment in US land on the rise
Investors from Canada and the Netherlands have almost half of all foreign forest and farmland holdings in the USA. The Canadian holdings reflect investment by timber companies, while the Dutch holdings reflect pension fund investments.
USA Today
23 Jul 2012 Drought devastation has sunny side for farmland, timber investors
Drought conditions in much of the US this year could turn into a boon, rather than a bust, for institutional investors in farmland, timber and agricultural stocks.