Agrotop to construct large broiler project in Ivory Coast

The complex to be built by Israel-based Agrotop includes seven broiler farms and a slaughterhouse capable of treating 60,000 birds per week and will be built on 50 hectares of land in Toumodi.
PR Newswire | 9 December 2020

Agrotop to Construct Large Broiler Project in Ivory Coast
TOUMODI, Ivory Coast, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Agrotop, a leading global player in the poultry and livestock industry, will build a large vertical integration project in the Ivory Coast, which will be one of the largest broiler farms in West Africa.
The new AGRO4LIFE project will include seven broiler farms, a slaughtering complex with a protein recovery plant and a wastewater treatment plant. The slaughterhouse can treat 60,000 birds per week.
The project, which meets the highest industry standards, will be built on 50 hectares of land in Toumodi next to the Abidjan-Yamoussoukro highway, some 45 kilometers south of Yamoussoukro and will create some 600 jobs.
The initiative of local entrepreneur, Olivier K. Ban, the complex is aimed at meeting the growing local demand for poultry products, which is currently relying mainly on imports.
Agrotop has provided the design and engineering and will supply and construct the entire project.
Agrotop financiers have assembled the complete financial package by syndicating development and commercial banks. The agro-industrial complex will be managed and the workers trained by Agrotop and B.R.M. experts.
Infrastructure works on the site have already started and the farm will become fully operational in early 2022.
According to Ban, "Agrotop has assisted us in each step we made since the day we began exploring the possibility of entering the poultry market. "The company helped us in drafting the business plan, financing and executing it and will help us obtain the required knowledge and experience required to succeed in such an ambitious project."
"The poultry market in West Africa in general and Ivory Coast in particular has immense potential for future growth," said Gavriel Pelleg, Agrotop's CMO and founding partner. "African countries wish to become more self-sufficient and Agrotop is proud to be one of the leading companies helping local entrepreneurs in realizing their dream of building sustainable large-scale poultry projects. It has been remarkable to witness how Mr. Ban has managed to overcome all obstacles and turn his vision into reality."

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