New Saudi Investments in Sudan’s agriculture

Sudanese farmers prepare their land for agriculture on the banks of the river Nile in Khartoum. (Photo: Reuters)
Aawsat | 3 December, 2018

New Saudi Investments in Sudan’s agriculture
by Saif al-Yazel Babaker
Saudi Arabia and Sudan have launched a new agricultural partnership as part of the implementation of the Arab food security initiative. 
High hopes are pinned on this initiative, in which Arab states would reduce annual expenses on importing food products, which exceeds billions of dollars. Sudan would also exploit its agricultural lands, measured at more than 200 million acres, of which only 20 percent are being used.
The Sudanese-Saudi partnership deal was signed Saturday in the northern River Nile region that boasts the agricultural investments of major Saudi companies.
Saudi Ambassador to Sudan Ali Hassan bin Jaafar said that Riyadh and Khartoum are seeking to develop agricultural work, attain benefits for Sudanese farmers and fulfill the needs of Arab citizens.
He spoke of the current program between their two countries aimed at building a strategic partnership that would serve as a model in developing Saudi-Sudanese ties in all fields.
A prominent Sudanese official pledged to resolve all difficulties facing Saudi investments in Sudan, provide more facilitations to prepare the suitable work environment for Saudi investors and attract additional investments.
Ochik Mohammed Ahmed Taher, Secretary-General of the National Investment Authority, stated that the authority will resolve all problems encountered by Saudi investors.
Jaafar had held several meetings in Sudan as part of Saudi efforts to expand investment in the country.
The ambassador had met with Taher, with both officials agreeing that Saudi investments should play a role in economic and social development in Sudan.

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