Siaya MCAs vow to kick out Dominion Farms CEO Burgess from Yala Swamp

K24TV | 16 Feb 2017

Siaya MCAs vow to kick out Dominion Farms CEO Burgess from Yala Swamp

Siaya MCAs have now vowed to kick out American investor and Dominion farms CEO Calvin Burgess from Yala swamp, accusing him of belittling the community by peddling falsehoods..  

Last week the largest agriculture investor in Nyanza claimed that opposition chief Raila Odinga and his allies from the region were frustrating his business by extorting money from him and issuing threats.

KBC | 8 Feb 2017

Siaya foreign landowner demands police protection over political harassment

A foreign investor in Siaya has requested for police protection claiming his life is in danger. Calvin Burgess the chief executive of Dominion farms limited alleges that goons hired by the County Government have on two occasions attempted to harm him over a tussle on the ownership of an estimated 17,000 acres of land. Burgess further sensationally claimed that he is being targeted for failing to support CORD leader Raila Odinga political ambitions over the years.

K24TV | 8 Feb 2017

American investor Calvin Burgess pleads for state protection

American investor Calvin burgess who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Farms in Siaya county is asking for state protection saying his life is in danger. The American who signed a 45 year lease agreement with the Govt in 2003 to drain the Yala River Swamp and transform into a profitable project says his troubles began after he allegedly failed to part with an unspeficied bribe to Opposition Leader Raila Odinga prompting a string of attacks and threats by Siaya Governor Cornel Rassanga who wants now to repossess the land. Odinga's allies led by former Alego Usonga MP Sammy Weya however stormed a press conference addressed by the American investor terming him a fraud.

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Who's involved?

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