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Guidelines for sustainable large-scale land deals in Africa
Published: 15 Nov 2017
Posted in:  FAO
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FAO | November 2017

Guidelines for sustainable large-scale land deals in Africa
Author: Thiombiano, Lamourdia; Fonteh, Mathias F.; Malo, Meshack; Gicheru, Patrick T.; Mukunda, Solomon;

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Over the last few years, agribusinesses, investment funds and government agencies have demonstrated a growing interest in acquiring large portions of land, mostly in developing countries and particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. In the host countries, investors and government see these acquisitions as opportunities to attract foreign investment that will enhance food and energy security and stimulate socio-economic development. Analysing a number of these deals in Africa suggests that these objectives are usually not attained and that their sustainability appears to be uncertain.

From the report:

"For large-scale land deals to be sustainable, they must be win-win investments both for
the host country’s population and for investors. This means that these acquisitions should
be socially, culturally and politically correct, environmentally friendly, economically
profitable and should contribute towards the socio-economic development of the area in
which the land is located. Most of the deals concluded so far do just the opposite" (p.38)
Source: FAO

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