Farm swap

BBC World Service | 24 June 2009

Farm Swap
When farming began, so did civilisation.
Such is the fundamental nature of agriculture to our way of life.
But does it follow that all farmers have similar objectives and experiences?
In Farm Swap, Mike Gallagher meets two farmers who are working outside their own countries.
They are both prepared to experience a new environment but for very different reasons.
In part two: Farming overseas is a global trend. So to find out more about this phenomenon, Mike Gallagher meets Andrew Hunter - a British farmer working vast landholdings in Hungary and Serbia.
Mike discovers that farming, itself, is the least of Andrew's challenges on his farm. There are many economic and social pressures to consider.
In Hungary, Andrew discovers there is a mountain of bureaucracy to climb, obstacles can appear from the least expected quarters, and culture clashes can often arise.
Despite the many challenges, does 'going global' in agriculture really offer a better future?
First broadcast on Wednesday 24 June 2009

Original source: BBC

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