Convening of Arab Conference on Agricultural Investment in Khartoum

Sudan's Minister of Investment Dr. Mudathir Abdelghani.
Sudan Vision | 27 February 2017
Convening of Arab Conference on Agricultural Investment in Khartoum

by Mohammed Babikir 
Khartoum- Minister of Investment Dr. Mudathir Abdelghani has described convening of the third Arab Conference on Agricultural Investment, which is organized by the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) in Khartoum on February 27-28, as a major and important economic gathering.
The Minister said in a press statement that the conference, which will be attended by a number of ministers responsible of investment and economy in the Arab world, organizations, financing institutions and businessmen, constitutes a solid base for promoting the agricultural investment in Sudan.

He pointed out that the coincidence of the convening of the conference with the lifting of the American economic sanctions from Sudan raises the ceiling of aspirations for the success of the conference in realizing its goals of boosting the Arab solidarity to bridge the current food gap in the Arab world and increasing investments that are directed towards the agricultural production.

The Minister pointed out that they are ready to present a number of studies related to agricultural investment projects in the country, referring to welcome of Sudan to all Arab investors through the initiative of the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir, on Arab food security.

He lauded the existing cooperation between Sudan and the AAAID on all issues pertinent to investment and its efforts for making the conference a success.
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