Agriterra chairman Phil Edmonds steps down

Phil Edmonds, former Chair of Agriterra, a UK-based company pursuing large-scale agricultural projects in Sierra Leone and Mozambique.
Post | 25 April 2016

Agriterra chairman Phil Edmonds steps down
Agriterra, an Africa focussed agricultural company, announces that Phil Edmonds has stepped down as chairman of the company.
Mr. Edmonds is a director of a number of public and private companies and has considerable experience of introducing African focussed companies to AIM, including African Platinum and Central African Mining & Exploration Company. He is currently a director of Sable Mining Africa Limited and Africa Oilfield Logistics Limited.
Mr. Edmonds holds an honours degree in land economy from Cambridge University. He was educated in Zambia and England. 
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  • 25 Apr 2016

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