Sanamadougou and Sahou: Press release of Afrique-Europe-Interact

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28/04/2016: In the land conflict between Sanamadougou and Sahou (Mali) and the company M3-SA a solution has come into reach +++ Afrique-Europe-Interact still calls upon the African Bank of Development to seek exchange with M3-SA +++ Also the Malian government and the civil society have to contribute to a fair solution


With the support of 70 police officers on the 18th of June 2010 the Malian company M3-SA let seize a big part of the agricultural areas of the two villages Sanamadougou and Sahou. About 40 people were arrested, 8 stayed under arrest up to 6 months. Later nightly attacks followed on the two villages by security forces. Here also massive physical abuse took place; at least one inhabitant died from her injuries.


After years of unsuccessful protest the two villages have therefore started an occupation of a part of their former areas on the 18th of April 2016. At the same time Afrique-Europe-Interact has turned to the Malian government and the African Development Bank with a protest campaign. Because the African Development Bank has granted a credit of 16,8 million euro to M3-SA for a noodle factory in Segou in September 2014 only under the condition that there was no pending law procedure concerning the land conflict with Sanamadougou and Sahou. But the information that all court cases were closed was wrong. The lawsuit started by the villages on the 22of of February 2012 against M3-SA was merely suspended on the 20th of December 2012. At that time the court had appointed a consultant for the clarification of the land conflict. But this consultant has been inactive for three years; in the meantime he has declared in January 2016, that he does not want to take on the mission.


It is even more pleasant that Modibo Keita – the owner of M3-SA – has signalized on the 27th of April 2016 in an exploratory talk with delegates from the two villages that he is willing to talk. He would be ready to give back the land; he would merely want to keep the canal system, which he has set up in the region as well as the factory premises situated in the direct neighbourhood of Sahou.


But the now started negotiation process can only be successful, if it is actively supported by all those who are directly and indirectly involved. Therefore Afrique-Europe-Interact calls upon the African Development Bank to still remain in the discussion. Because it should not be that a bank like the African Development Bank (which is explicitly obligated to public interest) gives credits on the basis of false information. In addition Afrique-Europe-Interact asks the Malian government, the authorities in the Office du Niger, the International Community based in Bamako and the Malian civil society to support actively the current negotiating process.


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Who's involved?


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