Saudi companies to launch agricultural projects in Northern State

A Sudanese farmer digs an irrigation channel in one of his fields on the banks of the Nile. (Photo: Times of Malta)
Sudan Vision | 14 October 2015

Saudi companies to launch agricultural projects in Northern State

KHARTOUM - Sudanese government said it granted hundred acres of agricultural land in the Northern State to three major Saudi companies.

Sudan’s minister of investment, Mudather Abdel-Ghani, announced that the Saudi companies Almarai, Tabuk and Alsafi have been granted 100 acres of agricultural land along the River Nile west of the town of Al-Golid.

Abdel-Ghani on Thursday has discussed with the general manager of Almarai Mohammed Rasheed Al-Balawi the implementation of the production infrastructure of the agricultural projects.

Al-Balawi pointed out that the three companies have allocated $300 million for the; saying that Alsafi is currently completing new irrigation systems for the pilot project which would soon enters the circle of production.

He added that wheat would be grown on 25% of the total cultivated area, saying their companies seek to supply local markets with farm products besides establishing services projects and providing employment opportunities.

Al-Balawi added that provision of electricity would lead to a quantum leap in production and contributes to the implementation of all phases of the project according to plan, expressing readiness to finance the electricity supply for the project according to the required procedures.

Sudan’s investment minister for his part said his ministry is keen to overcome obstacles to the implementation of investment projects in the country, pointing to presidential directives to give more attention to Saudi investment.

He added that his ministry is working with all concerned bodies to address investment issues including electricity, pointing to coordination with the ministry of electricity to resolve the problem of electricity.

Abdel-Ghani called upon Alsafi to accelerate preparation of studies pertaining to electrification of the project in order to approve it from the concerned ministry and then agreeing with the ministry of finance on the implementation contracts.

Last April, a high-level technical delegation from Saudi Arabia discussed in Khartoum ways for implementing the Arab food security initiative in Sudan.

Sudan’s National Investment Authority (NIA) said it offered to the Saudi delegation six agricultural projects in various states in north and east Sudan to carry out the food security plan.

Saudi Arabia is Sudan’s second largest trade partner following China. Its investments in Sudan exceed $4 billion.

Funding Irrigation Projects

Meanwhile, the state minister and president’s office director Lieutenant General Taha Osman Hussein announced that Saudi Arabia has agreed to finance irrigation projects and dams in Sudan.

He said in a press statement on Friday upon his arrival from the Saudi Arabia that he met with several ministers and officials in Riyadh, pointing they agreed that Saudi Arabia will provide funding for the major irrigation projects and dams in Sudan.

Hussein added the move comes within the framework of promoting cooperation between Khartoum and Riyadh in all domains, stressing that financing irrigation projects would allow optimum utilization of Sudan’s share from the waters of the River Nile in order to achieve the Arab food security.
Original source: Sudan Vision

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