Senhuile: The agribusiness firm continues laying off workers at an unbridled pace

Enquête | 12 October 2015 [FR]

(Freely translated by GRAIN from the original)
Senhuile: The agribusiness firm continues laying off workers at an unbridled pace
DAKARTACTU.COM: Senhuile Inc, the agribusiness company controlled by Tampieri Financial Group of Italy, continues to lay off its Senegalese personnel at an unbridled pace. This will be in the spotlight Monday when, barring last minute changes, a new groups of workers that were dismissed last Friday threaten to make themselves heard in the Ndiaël, in Saint Louis. These heads of families don't understand how the Senegalese authorities stay silent after hundreds of their colleagues were already fired.
Denouncing an unfair dismissal which will make their lives difficult, the newly fired staff formed a collective to present their grievances to the authorities and seek compensation. Senhuile's strategy has been to dismiss people in successive waves, so that no one is shocked. That explains how beyond the 17 people fired last Friday, 8 irrigators had also been relieved of their posts. Before that, the management of Senhuile terminated 83 contractual workers a little after sending 40 day labourers and service providers home.
But the dismissal that could blow up in the face of Senhuile's management is that of their now ex-farm manager, the Italian Mario Vincenzo Vautretto. He was fired a little while ago after entering into deep disagreement with his employers, the Italians of Tampieri Financial Group. Our well informed sources indicate that Mario Vincenzo Vautretto is preparing to strike back at the level at which he was hit, after having abandoned his work to dedicate himself exclusively to the Senhuile farm in the Ndiael.
Right now, Senhuile Inc is caught in a web of lawsuits. The company itself has lodged complaints against a media outfit, the muncipality of Fanaye and its former Director General. But the Tampieri Financial Group-led company is also being sued by several parties including its former DG Benyamin Dummai and taking into account the various complaints being filed by different groups of laid off workers seeking reparations. On top of that, certain agencies of the Senegalese state are carrying out underground invistigations into the deleterious situation of Senhuile.
- Enquete
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