Agriculture at the The New York Forum AFRICA 2014

PAEPARD | 28 May 2014

Agriculture at the The New York Forum AFRICA 2014

23-25 May 2014. Libreville, Gabon. The New York Forum AFRICA 2014 focused on transformation: unlocking the competitiveness of the African economy through building value chains around the transformation of the continent’s natural resources, including its human capital. In knowledge economies, such as those in the western world, education is the foundation of economic competitiveness and global prosperity – and is inseparable from the development of human capital.

The New York Forum AFRICA was organized around a number of major debates that examine the key economic and business issues for Africa today. One panel discussed agriculture around the theme: DYNAMIC AGRICULTURE MARKETS: A PIPE DREAM OR A GRAIN OF TRUTH? TRANSFORMING THE LAND FOR AGRICULTURE:

The African vision for agriculture has been laid out as follows: dynamic markets within regions and countries, and farmers active in the market economy, while the continent becomes a net exporter of agricultural projects. Following from this would be a fairer distribution of wealth for rural populations, and environmentally sound agricultural production and sustainable land management.

Is this an agricultural pipe dream – or is Africa close to achieving this? Are government, the private sector and the farmers delivering – and are they accountable?

    How do we build value-added sectors to keep more revenues at home?
    How do we integrate and support small farmers?
    What can be done to protect from price hikes, and against environmental disasters?
    How do we increase capacity and storage of water?
    What needs to be done to improve access to market (financial and infrastructure/transport)?
    Can we ensure food security?

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