On Our Land: a documentary film about land grabs in Papua New Guinea

On Our Land chronicles the experiences of rural communities in Papua New Guinea who are being dispossessed of their land and natural resources through illegal logging operations and exposes the resulting destruction to local communities and the environment.

On Our Land gives a voice to impacted communities and local NGOs and highlights their struggles to take back what is rightfully theirs.

The film will premiere in Berkeley, California, on 18 November, 2013.

About the Organizations

On Our Land was produced by the Oakland Institute in collaboration with the Pacific Network on Globalisation and the Bismark Ramu Group.

The Oakland Institute is an independent policy think tank bringing fresh ideas and bold action to the most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues of our time.

The Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) is a Pacific regional network promoting economic self determination and justice in the Pacific Islands.

The Bismarck Ramu Group works with local communities throughout Papua New Guinea aiming to ensure indigenous people are well informed and empowered to take control over their land and resources and be the master of their own destiny.

About the Director

Eric Chebassier has directed several films for French television, including "The City of The Future" and "La Défense Business District in the Heart of Power." As a consultant for UNESCO, he made many films to promote the international body’s conventions, including those on cultural objects, the protection of subaquatic treasures, and more.


Who's involved?

Who's involved?


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