Study on private equity in agribusiness in Southern Africa

USAID | 3 May 2012

Study on private equity in agribusiness in Southern Africa

Lauren Thomas, Consultant

The overall objective of this report is to identify potential interventions to enhance the capacity of newly created private equity funds in agriculture and/or agribusiness in Africa, especially the stimulation of technical assistance to agricultural value chains.

Looks in detail at 

  • Actis Africa Agribusiness Fund
  • Advanced African Solutions
  • African Agricultural Fund
  • African Agricultural Land Fund
  • Agri-Vie Agribusiness Fund
  • Carlyle Group Sub-Saharan Africa Investment Group
  • Chayton Atlas Agricultural Company
  • Futuregrowth Agri Fund
  • Silverlands Fund
  • Standard Bank Private Equity
http://farmlandgrab.org/uploads/attachment/Technical Report - Private Equity in Agribusiness in Southern Africa.pdf

Who's involved?

Who's involved?

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