Big rally held in Berlin against industrialized farming

Press TV | 20 January
Stefan Herrmann, Berlin

Big rally held in Berlin against industrialized... by presstv
Tens of thousands of Germans demonstrate in the capital, Berlin against the government's agricultural policies. The protest was held as the city played host to a major agricultural summit and the world's largest agriculture trade show.

On Saturday, around 25,000 people took to the streets in the German capital, Berlin.

Chanting "We are fed up/Good food/good agriculture, now", protesters marched through the government district calling for fundamental reforms to agricultural policy. More than 100 organisations from agriculture, environment, animal and consumer protection sectors as well as development aid supported the mass protest.

Every year, the European Union subsidizes the agriculture industry with around 60 billion Euros. But the increased price pressure is endangering the future of many small farmers. Demonstrators called to move away from industrial agriculture.

Protesters opposed intensive livestock breeding, monocultures, the use of antibiotics, pesticides and genetic engineering.

Agriculture ministers from more than 80 countries attended the summit in the foreign ministry. The talks centred on strategies to secure global nutrition and rural development through responsible investments.

At the final rally the protesters denounced food speculations and land grabbing. They said the farmers need fair rules instead of a liberalization of agricultural markets.

Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated here outside the Chancellery for a new agricultural policy. They demand social and ecological reforms focussing on consumers and farmers and not on the industry. Stefan Herrmann, Press TV, Berlin.
Original source: Press TV

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