African soil for sale: Large-scale land acquisitions


Life & Peace Insitute | New Routes | 4/11

NUMBER 4, 2011 African soil for sale: Large-scale land acquisitions

Large-scale flower production in Oromia: From independent farmers to low-wage hired workers By Girma Gebresenbet

Uganda: Land disputes in the wake of civil war By Anders Sjögren

Post-war South Sudan: Reconciling the 'global land grab' with community land ownership By David k. Deng

Eastern DRC: Local efforts to solve land and identify conflicts By Life & Peace Institute, Bukavu, DRC 

Sierra Leone: Large-scale investments develop hidden potentials By Reinier Bulstra

Bioenergy crops: A matter of choice with far-reaching consequences By Isabella Soi and Juan Manuel Gonzalez Benitez

Biofuels: Solving the energy crisis or increasing food shortage? By Judi Wakhungu, Ben Muok and Patricia Bunyasi

Ethiopia: Foreign capital taking over "abundant land" By Dessalegn Rahmato

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