Sudan qualified to be world breadbasket

Sudan Vision | 2 January 2011
Men wait to buy meat at the market in Khartoum, Sudan May 12, 2011.

By Hana Abdul Hai

Sudan has witnessed recently conduction of Arab Conference on Food Security in coincidence with international acceleration of financial and food crisis overwhelming the world at present.

"It is possible to talk about food security in the absence of scientific scheme able to exploit agricultural resources in Sudan fully," Secretary General of Arab Banks Union Dr. Faud Shakir told the conference while Head of Economic Affairs of the Arab League al Tiwijiri stressed Sudan's great resources as key factor towards achieving sustainable food security however he pointed bureaucratic procedures as the main obstructions hindering full exploitation of Sudan's resources.

The paper submitted by Sudanese Higher Council of Investment to the conference pointed out that Sudan has large amount of agricultural resources represented in vast amount of land and biodiversity as well as water however it indicted that about only 20 percent of these resources are exploited. The paper recommends smart partnership with Arab countries and organization so as to facilitate utilization of Sudan's wealth.

Economist al tijani Hussein said that Sudan is required to apply investment law in the approved manner in order to attract more investors in addition to appropriate training for investment personnel, affirming exactness of investment code.

Further Head of Gardening Department of the National Forest Seida Khalil marked weakness of investment in forestry and processing of forests products in the country despite Sudan's huge resources in this realm, explaining that the committee assigned in 2004 to study reasons behind such weakness marked number of obstacles headed by lack of accurate data-base providing investors with required relevant information, stressing promotion of products such as gum Arabic to boost forestry.

The paper submitted by Arab Authority for Investment indicated that food-gap in Arab world was $ 43.19 billion in 2008 and $ 37 billion in 2010, calling for unified efforts to overcome current situation, necessitating cooperation between governments and private sector to establish gigantic agricultural projects based on strategies aiming to boost food security across Arab World.

Original source: Sudan Vision

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