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Over land and contract controversies … Govt. sets up investments monitoring Unit
Published: 21 Oct 2011
Posted in:  Addax | Sierra Leone
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Awoko | 21 October 2011

The growing number of complaints from local communities, civil society organizations and the media about the activities of foreign investors in the country has got the government to unveil an investment monitoring unit as a first step to address the concerns and complaints relating to the actions and decision by foreign investors in the country.

Speaking to Awoko Business the Acting Minister of Agriculture, Forestry & Food Security Mr. Alie Badara Mansaray revealed that” the government has decided to set up the Private Sector Investments Monitoring Unit (PSIMU), to help look at some of the challenges the government and the country as a whole face when dealing with foreign investors.”

“What is really lacking in the past is Contract Monitoring; Government signed an agreement with an investor, they tell the government that they will do this and that but some of them don’t deliver in the end. So now we are putting in place mechanisms to check and monitor the activities of all foreign investments in the country,” Mr. Badara Mansaray said.

Asked why it took so long for the government to recognize the need for a monitoring team, the Acting Minister said, “first we have to build relationships, then you try to understand both the investors concerns and the locals expectation and ultimately, we all reach a goal, so now the monitoring unit will help us to understand all sides and, to make sure investors keep their promises, and meet their social responsibilities but more importantly, keep the locals happy.”

This week the monitoring unit visited Addax to conduct its first assessment to see what they have been doing since they started their operations here in Sierra Leone.
Source: Awoko

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