Agribusiness opportunities in South America

"Agribusiness Opportunities in South America" at Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) India-Latin America and Caribbean (LAC ) Conclave  – New Delhi-India, Apr 29, 2010

Dave Ramaswamy, Partner-Allied Venture, invited to speak at the CII Indo-LAC (Latin america and caribbean) Conclave session on Agriculture and Food Processing. Talks about just as a growing young population in India demands more and better food, Indian domestic food production and supply scenario is bleak, and cannot expect to keep pace with demand. Indian companies have to look for overseas opportunities to invest in the agribusiness value chain - from farm to port. Specifically, they should consider South america is ideally suited for this with sound economics in agribusiness, with litte to no subsidies.


Download entire speech here: http://bit.ly/9jO2iv

Watch more videos at IndusLatin.com: http://induslatin.com/speeches/

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