Korean firm eyes Davao City for vegetable production


PNA | 23 February 2011

Fruit farm, Davao City, Philippines

DAVAO CITY, Philippines (PNA) –- A Korean firm is eyeing this city for developing vast agricultural lands for vegetable production.

City agriculturist Leonardo Avila III said the Koregon Seed Company based in South Korea met with Mayor Sara Duterte in September and November last year and expressed their desire to work with farmers in Davao City in relation to production of vegetables.

He said the Korean company will be the one to bring their vegetable seeds for production to identified farmlands in Davao City.

In their meeting with the mayor, they agreed that the Korean firm will bring also Korean agricultural technicians to validate and assess the soil in potential vegetable farmlands.

Avila said the City Agriculturist Office (CAO) has brought the Korean company representatives to some potential farmlands that include a 40-hectare farmland in Barangay Mandug, Buhangin district as one of the possible options that can be developed by the company into a vegetable production area.

With this, Avila sees the significance of strengthening the development of Davao City as an agri-business center.

He said there is also the need to step up efforts to establish potential markets in preparation for the huge vegetable production project with the Korean company.

Original source: PNA


  1. Rodney Mansfield
    24 Feb 2011

    There are many issues. What is the motive of the foreign firm from a country who imports more than $24 billion in agriculture products and is very food dependent? What is the likelihood that their operation will be environmentally friendly when they come from a country where only 2 hundredths of one percent of food is organically grown? And who did they bribe to get priority over local farmers when Philippine law forbids foreigners access to Philippine real estate? Even though I'm married to a Dabawenyo I can't get farmland to grow truly healthy organic food for the benefit of Filipinos.

  2. Frank
    24 Feb 2011

    Davao City and the nearby municipality of Arakan in North Cotabato have huge areas potential for vegetable production. The issue here may be on the arrangement with the landholders who had been for so long cultivating vegetables in a small-scale basis. Investors would always see to it that they get more profit, while the landowners will only become workers of their own land managed by the investors while receiving meager rentals for the use of their land. Another is on the technical aspects that will be employed in the operations, as most of these potential areas for vegetable production are located in highland rolling and hilly areas. This ironically seen in agricultural areas in most part of the Philippines wherein the supposed government offices and agencies which are obliged to assist the farmers, rather invite investors than making local initiatives for sustainable economic development of their people. The agriculture offices and agencies should do something, otherwise the name of their office/agency shall be changed to Investment Promotion Office or agency.

  3. Bernard
    24 Feb 2011

    What is the issue with this potential project?

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