Should Africa resist 'land grabbing'?

BBC | 20 October 2009

"Africa Have Your Say" on 21 October 2009

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South Africa has just signed a deal that will give its farmers access to up to 10 million hectares of farmland in the Republic of Congo.

Leasing land to rich nations to farm is a growing phenomenon across Africa. China, India and Saudi Arabia have also rented farmland in countries such as Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania.

Critics complain that some land deals are not transparent and are not benefiting local communities. Investors say they bring employment and new farming techniques.

Can these deals benefit Africa? Have you been affected by one of these land deals? Should countries be leasing fertile land to foreign investors? Do you think this type of foreign investment can benefit local communities?

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  • 21 October 2009
  • Send a letter calling on the financial backers of Agilis Partners to stop the land grabs and human rights violations against the Kiryandongo community in Uganda
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