Large-scale land acquisition for carbon: opportunities and risks

It is clear that natural capital markets and wider investor interest in carbon offsetting and green agendas are driving market interest in Scottish land and in particular land values for plantable land
SEFARI | May 2022

Large-scale land acquisition for carbon: opportunities and risks
A SEFARI Special Advisory Group

Authors: Rob Mc Morran, Mark S. Reed, Jayne Glass, Andrew Bauer, James
Glendinning, Bobby Macaulay, Annie McKee, Leo Peskett, Lucy Rothenberg,
Hannah Rudman, Abigail Williams

Interest in carbon markets has increased rapidly in recent months, leading to new market opportunities and interest in acquiring land to invest in natural capital, typically through tree planting and restoration of degraded peatland habitats. However, the extent to which natural capital investment is driving transactions is unclear, with owners and purchasers potentially influenced by many factors. There is also uncertainty around how large-scale land acquisitions might interact with post-Brexit policies under development across the UK and the interests of rural communities.

In response to this, we conducted an evidence review and convened more than 60 experts from policy, investment, third sector, research, land management and rural communities to identify and critically assess options for policy and practice to pre-empt and address tradeoffs and challenges.

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