How TIAA purchased a legacy of racism & murder

"Before 1919 we were proud land owners, business people, educators and professionals. In 1919 we all became poor in three days" -- James White, descendant of the Elaine Massacre and Director of Elaine Legacy Center programs.
TIAADivest! | October 2023

How TIAA purchased a legacy of racism & murder
TIAADivest! is collaborating with with the community members of Elaine, Arkansas, who are on the ground in an unusual struggle.
In 1919, Elaine, Arkansas Black landowners and sharecroppers rose up in protest against white buyers, who refused to pay a fair price for their crops. What followed the protest was the largest massacre of Black farmers, and one of the largest massacres of Black people, in US history.   
The white farmers took over the land and for over a century sold or handed it down to relatives or other white owners, and more recently to large agribusiness corporations. These companies are poisoning the land and water of the remaining Black farmers through the use of cancer-causing chemicals and through the burning of crop residues.
Two TIAA subsidiaries, Global Ag Properties and Premiere Ag Properties have purchased 50,000 of those historical acres. TIAA's ownership directly impacts the descendants who are seeking justice and reparations. Harmful chemicals and unsustainable farming practices contribute to the ongoing environmental and economic challenges faced by these families. TIAA’s activities today in this place perpetuate the same devastating cycle of injustice that began with the Elaine Massacre. The descendants continue to bear the brunt of this historical and contemporary tragedy, as their efforts to build sustainable livelihoods and organic farms are marred by environmental contamination and economic disparities. It's vital to unite and demand change from TIAA to break this cycle of devastation, seek justice for the victims of the past, and support the descendants in their pursuit of a more equitable and sustainable future.
The webinar will focus on local residents and direct descendants of the Elaine Massacre who are still fighting for acknowledgment of and reparations for the stolen land and an end to the slow massacre that continues to this day. 
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