Call for papers - Global land grabbing conference

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LDPI | 25 September 2023

Call for papers - Global land grabbing conference
On its 10th anniversary, the Land Deal Politics Initiative (LDPI) is collaborating with several leading research hubs in organizing an International Conference on Global Land Grabbing on 19-21 March 2024 in Bogota, Colombia which will include academic researchers, activists and policymakers from across the world
LDPI invites academic researchers, policy experts, activists in the Global North and South to submit abstracts for the conference.
How to submit
Your application should include:
an 350-word abstract
author's bio of 100 words
the title, keywords and authors' institutional affiliation
Deadline for sbumssions 31 October 2023. For selected abstracts, the deadline for full conference papers is 15 February 2023.
The proposed themes include: 
What happened to failed large-scale land grabs? 
  • Multiple, invisible domestic land grabs 
  • The implications for labour
  • The role of science
  • Processes of financialization
  • Green energy and climate change
  • Green grabbing, neoliberal conservation and market-based instruments
  • Growth as extra-territorial development
  • Land grabs and environmental change
  • The national political context of land grabbing
  • Violence, from the everyday to the spectacular 
  • Resistance and mobilization
  • Policy and political change
  • Methodology
  • Towards theorization 
  • Global South and Global North
The aim is to publish the papers online beginning mid-February 2024 in the LDPI Working Paper series as a way to share them widely in the build-up to and during the March 2024 international conference in Bogota. Having widely circulating papers will facilitate vibrant, open conversations.
Five leading journals are co-organizing the initiative: Journal of Peasant Studies, World Development, Antipode, Globalizations, and Análisis Político. Some special issues or special forums in these journals may be organized for selected appropriate papers from this initiative.
Full details of the call including information about LDPI is available here.
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  • 25 September 2023
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