UAE invests in Kurdistan's agriculture and livestock sectors

Iraq Business News | 30 December 2022

UAE invests in Kurdistan's agriculture and livestock sectors
The Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Investment Board met with a delegation from the Emirati Al Abrar Company to discuss enhancing cooperation in the Kurdistan Region's agriculture and livestock sectors.
"In the past, we have we conducted more than 10 research projects in the Kurdistan Region for investment plans which are important for Kurdistan, Iraq, and the Emirates, significantly in the sectors of agriculture, animal welfare, and livestock with the aim of providing food security in the area," delegation Head, Paul Wilm said.
"We came to the conclusion that Kurdistan has fertile land suitable for investment in agriculture and planting, due to the location and climate of the region, UAE companies can invest in the agricultural sector," Wilm added.
Mohammed Shukri, Head of KRG's Investment Board said "in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources within the framework of the applicable laws on investing in the Kurdistan Region, we will provide facilitation for all the companies and investors investing in agriculture and food industry, including the UAE."
Al Mawarid Group is one of the leading companies in the UAE in the fields of the food industry, agriculture, and dairy products, which could play a role in achieving the KRG's goals of strengthening the Kurdistan Region's economic infrastructure by reviving the agriculture sector, preserving food security, and meeting the needs of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and exporting products to foreign countries.
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