Elite Agro invests in Indonesia

FruitNet | 4 September 2020

Elite Agro invests in Indonesia

By Tom Joyce

Abu Dhabi producer Elite Agro is reportedly set to invest in Subang, in Indonesia's West Java province, according to a report from CNBC Indonesia.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said the plan was a continuation of the growing bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and the UAE.

'In the agricultural sector, Elite Agro has an agribusiness investment plan in Subang, West Java,' he said, 'which is expected to be realised as soon as possible.'

Indonesia's Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Erick Thohir, said that the aim was to boost food security in the country and improve the quality of domestically grown products to give them export value, with a view to exporting to countries in Africa and the Middle East.

'We see that there is a large market potential, not only in Indonesia and the UAE, but the UAE is a distribution centre for Africa and the Middle East,' said Thohir. 'We want to make sure the standardisation is good. This is what we lack in producing food products. We are still inferior to neighbouring countries. So, through cooperation with the UAE, we want to increase the quality of food production while at the same time securing food needs in Indonesia.'

Thohir also pointed out that the two countries would be working together to explore renewable energy sources, including solar.

In January, Abu Dhabi-based retailer Lulu Group International signed an agreement with the West Java government to take on approximately 1,500 workers from the province in its hypermarkets worldwide, as well as providing training and technical assistance and improving labour skills.
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