UAE keen to invest in Indonesia's sugar industry: ministry

Workers load freshly harvested sugarcane onto a truck in Madiun, East Java on June 5, 2020. (ANTARA PHOTO/Siswowidodo/FR)
Antara |  2 August 2021

UAE keen to invest in Indonesia's sugar industry: ministry
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has expressed interest in investing in Indonesia's farming sector, specifically sugarcane plantations and the sugar industry, secretary general of the Agriculture Ministry, Kasdi Subagyono, informed on Monday.
"We have several offers, like from the United Arab Emirates, where they are offering to develop their business in Indonesia related to sugarcane plantations, then sugar industry, and its derivative industries," he said during a discussion on the ease and acceleration in conducting business in the farming sector post the job creation law.
One of the Agriculture Ministry's priorities is to provide an opportunity for and support the conduct of business in the farming sector to attract investor interest, he added.
The Job Creation Law offers a business licensing mechanism using a risk-based approach, he noted.
This approach provides risk analysis to potential investors and also assistance in business development to entrepreneurs, he said.
"Entrepreneurs, both domestic and abroad, are facilitated in their effort to develop their business in the farming sector. Our primary focus is to boost export, then investment. Of course, we can invite as many investors as we can, primarily international investors," Subagyono explained.
While it is seeking out international investors, the government is also providing an opportunity to domestic investors so that they can remain in a strategic position, he said.
According to Subagyono, Indonesia's farming sector is quite promising and has proven to be resilient, with a growth record that has remained positive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
This is especially impressive when the positive growth of the farming sector is compared to the negative growth of other sectors, he said.
Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) shows the farming sector recorded its highest growth of 16.24 percent in the second quarter of 2020.
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