Ethiopia: Farmland grabbing is back to Oromia

The Oromia Regional Investment Commissiona says 167 total investment projects were approved in the last six months requiring the provision of 4600 hectares of land.
Kichuu | 6 February 2018

Ethiopia: Farmland grabbing is back to Oromia
(Ecofin Agency) – According to the Oromia Regional Investment Commission, one of Ethiopia’s nine administrative regions stretching from the east to the south-west of the country, a total of 167 total investment of more than 5 billion birr (approximately $ 182.7 million) which has been approved in the last six months.
According to Oromia’s investment commissioner, Reshid Muhaba, 126 of these projects are owned by local investors, 3 by foreigners, 37 by the Ethiopian diaspora, while one is a joint venture.
These investment projects, which required the provision of 4600 hectares of land, mainly concern the agro-processing, manufacturing and agriculture sectors. This, for prospects of creating 31,000 jobs.
In addition, the Oromia Regional Investment Commission has announced that it has terminated the contract of 25 investors who have not implemented their investment projects. Removing them, at the same time, the 2398 hectares of land that had been made available to them
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