Saudi ministers in Sudan to discuss investment potentials

Sudan Tribune | Saturday 24 May 2008

May 23, 2008 (KHARTOUM) — Saudi Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdullah bin Ahmed Zenel and Minister of Agriculture Fahd bin Abdul-Rahman Balghunaim arrived in Khartoum on Friday evening on a two-day visit to get-acquainted to investment potentials in the country.

The Saudi ministers will discuss with Sudanese officials ways of investments in the fields of agriculture and livestock.

Upon arrival, Zenel said the visit to Sudan comes within the strategic partnership between the two countries on bases of external investment and said he would discuss with Sudanese officials ways to support the Saudi private sector investing in Sudan.

On his part, Balghunaim said Saudi investment in Sudan is not new as there are existing investments and a firm Saudi private sector interest to invest in Sudan and provide support for them by the two countries.

Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait are among the Arab countries who invest in the agriculture. Also there are some private Saudi investors working in this field in the country.

In the past, Arabs were hesitant to invest in Sudan due to the political instability and cheap prices of food in other markets. But now with the huge income due to the high oil prices and the global food crisis they massively contribute to the building of economic infrastructure including dams and agriculture projects.

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