Four local firms acquire Sudan agricultural lands

Arab News | 24 January 2014
Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Sudan, Faisal Bin Hamid Al-Muala.

Four local firms acquire Sudan agricultural lands

Saudi companies are making major forays into agriculture in Sudan as is evident from the recent acquisition of agricultural lands covering an area of approximately 4,000 acres in Sudan's northern region by four Saudi companies to raise various crops.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khidir, governor of the region, announced the entry of Saudi companies -- Al-Safi, Al-Marai, Tabuk Agriculture Co, and Al-Jouf Co, in the field of agriculture.

Al-Khidir, speaking to local media, welcomed Saudi investments in his state, stating the investment enjoyed advantages in terms of security, stability and more importantly, fertile land which are located in the Nubian basin area.

Besides, the region boasts of bountiful water resources, whether groundwater or from the river Nile. The region has so far attracted 32 investment projects from the Arabian Gulf countries, covering an approximate area of 14 million acres, all located in the upper areas of the river Nile. Giving details of the region, he said it was one of the biggest date-producing regions in Sudan. It also produces other crops like bean, wheat, rice, vegetables, and all kinds of spices. Al-Khidir said a Gulf investor's project for production of animal feed, wheat and vegetables in an area of 130 acres will be launched next week.

In earlier statements, the Northern Region official commended Arab investments, particularly from Saudi Arabia, covering various agricultural activities and animal resources. He said the Ministry of Finance had approved the installation of an power transformer station in the Northern State with an Arab loan. The governor also stressed that the infrastructure in the region was a stimulant for investment, and cited the Dongola Airport, which receives international flights, as well as the road network, which facilitates access to markets.
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