10 firms shortlisted to develop Nansanga farm block – ZDA

Ukzambians | 13 May 2011

By Kalonde Nyati

The Nansanga farm block covers an estimated area of 155,000 hectares.

THE Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) has short-listed 10 local and foreign companies out of the 14 firms which expressed interest in the development of Nansanga farm block in Serenje.

Of the 14 bidders, three are local companies while the rest are foreign firms, according to a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday.

ZDA communications and public relations manager Margaret Chimanse said the companies have been shortlisted for an agro-business investment opportunity in the core venture and three commercial farms in the farm block.

“ZDA announces that of the 14 companies and/or consortia that submitted applications to pre-qualify for the core venture and three commercial farms on February 18, 2011, ten have been shortlisted following an evaluation process and approval by the committee of permanent secretaries on farm block development,” she said.

The Zambian companies include Sable Transport Limited, Seed Co Zambia Limited and AFGRI Corporation while others are from South Africa, Egypt, Mauritius, China and the United Kingdom.

The foreign firms are Crookes Brothers Limited of South Africa, PolyserveFertilisers and Chemicals of Egypt, Hungary’s Bonafarm Group and Pro Alia Investments of Mauritius.

Others are Yuan Longping Hightech Agriculture of China and two United Kingdom companies Chayton Capital LLP and United Kingdom SEA Agricultural Consortium.

Ms Chimanse said the companies and consortia are expected to submit the technical and financial proposals relating to the land they have been shortlisted for. The Nansanga farm block covers an estimated area of 155,000 hectares.

She said this is the final bidding process and is expected to be concluded not later than mid-June.

Ms Chimanse, however, said the companies and consortia which were not short listed are Equator Farms, Profert and Kapekele Investment Limited of Zambia and Scipio of Switzerland.

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  • 13 May 2011
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