New Studies explore large-scale investment in land

ILC | January 2011

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New studies explore large-scale investments in land

How do large-scale investments in land impact poverty and hunger?
Research papers

A new set of research studies – available now on the International Land Coalition (ILC) website – explores the growing wave of large-scale international and domestic land acquisitions and the factors that are driving demand for investments in land. The studies examine how changes in demand for food, energy and natural resources, along with liberalisation of trade regimes, are making the competition for land increasingly global and unequal.

The studies aim to shed light on the implications of various trends and practices — such as rising food consumption, increasing commodity prices, demand for feedstock for agrofuels, carbon-trading mechanisms, and rent seeking and speculation – for small-scale producers and communities.

Through partnerships with a broad group of research institutions, civil society organizations and independent researchers, ILC led the development of over 30 studies under its Commercial Pressures on Land Initiative. The research project began in 2008 in response to the growing food price crisis and rising concerns expressed by many ILC members. Two ILC members – Agter and CIRAD - respectively developed the initial conceptual framework and provided technical assistance to all the parties involved throughout the process. The release of the individual studies will soon be followed by the publication of a global synthesis report.

The research was developed in collaboration with the populations concerned and civil society organizations in the countries affected was emphasized.

For an overview of the project and to download the studies, please click on the link below.

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  • 24 January 2011

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