Are foreign investors colonising Africa?

Indian author and media commentator Anand Giridharadas joins this Al Jazeera programme along with Oakland Institute’s Executive Director, Anuradha Mittal, and Christine L. Adamow, Managing Director of Africa BioFuel, a US company invested in farmland in Kenya and Tanzania.

Land grabs: Threat or opportunity?

With 75% of the world's population making their living from farming, buying land in foreign countries to feed your country's growing population is not always welcome by the locals. Are land grabs good business or is it morally questionable?

Derechos contra la carestía

Representantes de campesinos, indígenas, pastores y pescadores artesanales dieron un claro mensaje a los gobiernos: para enfrentar la crisis alimentaria y el constante aumento de precios se debe detener el acaparamiento de tierras.

Major pension fund invests in farm land

Roger Ferguson, chief executive of TIAA-CREF, says his firm is increasingly acquiring farmland in the US, Eastern Europe, Australia and Brazil as long term investments.

Morgan bet farm in Ukraine before bailout

Bloomberg's Alan Katz reports on Morgan Stanley's farming venture on the steppes of Ukraine which it abandoned in July 2009. The failed gamble demonstrates how Wall Street firms, in the last gasp of a debt-fueled bull market, strayed further from their traditional businesses to embrace diverse projects with unfamiliar risks.