Food: The hidden driver of global politics

In some of the countries where the land investments are being made, people will block the trucks that are hauling the grain from the fields to the ports, says Lester Brown in this interview with NPR

On n'arrête pas l'éco

Entretien avec le réalisateur Alexis Marant pour son documentaire "Planète à vendre" diffusé mardi 19 avril à 20h40 sur Arte (France Inter)

Massive land grab in PNG says academic

Colin Filer says 5 million hectares of customary land has passed into the hands of national and foreign corporations in Papua New Guinea using a legal mechanism called the 'lease-lease-back scheme'.

The 21st century goldrush – African arable land grabs

Lester Brown from the Earth Policy Institute reveals how rich countries worried about their future food supplies – along with investment banks – are buying up arable land in Africa, yet are failing to deliver any benefits to local people.

Guardian Focus Podcast: Land grabs in Africa

With climate change and rising demand for biofuels pushing up food prices, rich countries are increasingly looking for land in poorer nations to feed themselves. But is this at the expense of the host country?

Talk point: Land grabs

In this month's Global development podcast, the Guardian looks at land grabs, explores why they are happening, considers their implications and examines what – if anything – can be done to ensure large-scale agricultural investments are used for local development.