• Chinese workers seek fortunes in Africa
      • The Telegraph
      • 17 February 2008

      Liu Jianjun, a former Chinese government official who runs the Baoding-Africa business council, has contracts to farm 10,000 acres in Uganda, to build a cornflour processing factory in Kenya and for a farm project in the Ivory Coast.

    • A new national strategy for agriculture
      • Oxford Business Group
      • 12 January 2008

      The Moroccan government has pursued a strategy of leasing state-farms previously under the management of Société de Développement Agricole (SODEA). A large number of bids were made by agricultural businesses from France, Egypt, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

    • Ingleby Company in New Zealand for the long haul
      • Country Wide
      • 04 January 2008

      Since 1999, The Ingleby Company has bought about 17 farms. The company runs just under 20,000ha of land with 130,000 stock units, most of which are sheep and cattle.

    • Indian firms scout for farms overseas
      • The Hindu Business Line
      • 02 December 2007

      The Solvent Extraction Association, currently visiting South America, will come up with a techno-feasibility report on carrying out contract farming by Indian companies either in Argentina, Paraguay or Uruguay.

    • China's long march to Africa
      • BBC
      • 29 November 2007

      “There’s no harm in allowing [Chinese] farmers to leave the country to become farm owners [in Africa],” the head of China’s Export-Import Bank, Li Ruogu, says.

    • Libya Eyes Cultivating Wheat in Ukraine
      • Alarab Online
      • 21 November 2007

      Libya plans to invest in the production of wheat in Ukraine on a surface of 100.000 hectares, in order to provide for the totality of its requirements

    • Japan Mitsui affiliate buys Brazil farmland
      • Reuters
      • 13 November 2007

      Brazilian grain broker Multigrain SA has bought 100,000 hectares of farmland and related operations in Brazil to secure a stable supply of soybeans and other farm produce, Japan's Mitsui & Co Ltd, a part owner of holding company Multigrain AG, said on Tuesday.

    • Western Australia: Big money to buy up the family farm
      • YouTube
      • 25 October 2007

      Agricultural land trusts and corporate players may take a bigger chunk of Australia's arable land with global market dynamics making rural land purchases more attractive investments.

    • Seedlings of evil growing in Myanmar
      • Asia Times
      • 23 August 2007

      A military-driven Chinese hybrid rice-for-opium crop-substitution program in the northern part of Myanmar's Shan state has resulted in four consecutive years of poor harvests and driven many ethnic-minority farmers into heavy debt or out of rice farming altogether.

    • China, Mozambique: old friends, new business
      • ISN Security Watch
      • 13 August 2007

      In 2006, Beijing and Maputo signed a memorandum of understanding concerning the creation of a massive agricultural project in the Zambezi river valley area.

    • To Fortify China, Soybean Harvest Grows in Brazil
      • New York Times
      • 06 April 2007

      China’s global scramble for natural resources is leading to a transformation of agricultural trading around the world.

    • Easier farmland purchases for foreigners could threaten Czech farmers
      • Radio Praha
      • 22 February 2007

      The Czech government has recently backed proposed legislation that should make it easier for foreigners from EU countries to buy Czech farmland.

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