CHINA: Buying Farmland Abroad, Ensuring Food Security
      Rattled by rapidly rising global grain prices, China is looking at strategies to ensure long-term food security for its 1.3 billion people such as procuring farmland overseas and opposing the formation of any international grain price-fixing monopolies.
      • IPS
      • 09 May 2008
      China overseas food push not realistic
      China's private firms are pushing to invest in farms overseas, but policy debates over whether this is in China's strategic interest have so far stopped the trend becoming an explicit government policy, a senior official said on Friday.
      • Reuters
      • 09 May 2008
      UAE may buy Pakistan farms
      Inflation and the spectre of long-term food shortages have prompted the UAE Government to consider a new strategic investment – the purchase of large-scale farms in Pakistan and other countries.
      • The National
      • 06 May 2008
      Over $3bn committed to Pakistan agri and dairy sector
      MAP Services Group announced the setup of a Middle East Food Fund in partnership with various Gulf partners to act as a food production basket serving the region. The fund will invest in the agriculture sector in Pakistan, Egypt and Georgia for food and food-related products to be produced for the Gulf region.
      • AME info
      • 05 May 2008
      China farms the world to feed a ravenous economy
      As Beijing scrambles to feed its galloping economy, it has already scoured the world for mining and logging concessions. Now it is turning to crops to feed its people and industries. Chinese enterprises are snapping up vast tracts of land abroad and forging contract farming deals.
      • The Associated Press
      • 04 May 2008
      Outbound Agri-Investment Lures China's Enterprises
      The worldwide food shortage has spurred enthusiasm among Chinese enterprises to invest in overseas agriculture sectors. South America and Russia are likely to become the new destinations for agricultural investments from China.
      • 30 April 2008
      Firms to invest in farms in Pakistan
      The worldwide shortage of food grains coupled with high food prices is driving leading food companies and investors from the UAE to Pakistan in search of lucrative deals in the agriculture sector in of one of the world’s major food exporters.
      • Emirates Business 24/7
      • 28 April 2008
      Global food crisis: The struggle to satisfy China and India's hunger
      With their huge populations, China and India exert an unparalleled force on world food markets. They are looking abroad as it becomes more difficult for them to be self-sufficient -- and the increasing demand often has disastrous consequences across the globe.
      • Der Spiegel
      • 28 April 2008
      Hedge funds muck in down on the farm
      Hedge funds and investment banks are swapping their Gucci for gumboots as they bet on rising food prices by buying farms.
      • Financial Times
      • 25 April 2008
      Lee to Seek Steady Grain Supply From Overseas
      President Lee Myung-bak said that one possible way to secure grain supplies from overseas would be to sign a long-term land lease. The President specifically pointed to the Russian Far East.
      • Korea Times
      • 16 April 2008
      Wikileaks: Mozambique's agricultural sector ripe for US investment
      "Only 12 percent of Mozambique's arable land is under cultivation. Mozambique's agriculture minister is actively courting international agricultural investment," reports the US Embassy in Maputo
      • Wikileaks
      • 18 Mar 2008
      Funds swoop on farmland as commodities boom
      Soaring agricultural prices, growing demand for biofuels and the growth of the Chinese and Indian economies are leading top global investment banks to buy farmland in a bid to embrace the physical commodities market.
      • Reuters
      • 13 Mar 2008
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