• Richard Spinks of Landkom snaps up Ukraine plots to cash in on high crop prices
      • Wall Street Journal
      • 18 May 2008

      A British entrepreneur is leasing land from smallholders in an attempt to revive the breadbasket of the former Soviet Union

    • Food crisis may divide Middle East's oil haves, have-nots
      • Bloomberg
      • 17 May 2008

      “Buying farms is not a bad thing,” Panos Konandreas, acting director of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Geneva, said in a telephone interview. “If you are like Saudi Arabia and have all the resources in the world, you can help farms optimize their strategies and there will be more production.”

    • Saudi Arabia looking to invest in rice
      • Bangkok Post
      • 16 May 2008

      Investors in Saudi Arabia, one of the world's top rice buyers, are looking for joint ventures with Thai partners to invest in rice farming in Thailand and Africa.

    • Jordan to invest in Sudanese agriculture
      • Sudan Tribune
      • 15 May 2008

      The Jordanian Prime Minister Nader Dahabi said his country will cultivate lands allocated for his country in Sudan as part of his government strategy to deal with rising prces of food items on the international market.

    • Pakistani farm talks are murky
      • The National
      • 13 May 2008

      Talks aimed at acquiring large agricultural plots of land in Pakistan were not expected to yield results any time soon, a senior Pakistani government official has said.

    • Calyx Agro Completes Initial Equity Financing
      • Reuters
      • 13 May 2008

      Calyx Agro is a newly created venture focused on the acquisition, development, rental and operation of agricultural land located in South America with an emphasis on Brazil.

    • Alpcot Agro’s target to control 200,000 hectares by the end of 2008
      • Aplcot Agro Press Release
      • 13 May 2008

      Alpcot Agro is currently in control of 128,800 hectares of arable land in Russia and wants to control 200,000 hectares by the end of 2008.

    • UAE needs to invest in Egypt farm sector
      • Emirates Business 24/7
      • 13 May 2008

      UAE wants to boost investment in Egypt’s agricultural sector in the light of the current rise in prices of commodities worldwide.

    • In Ukraine, mavericks gamble on scarce land
      • Wall Sreet Journal
      • 12 May 2008

      Landkom has leased 165,000 acres from thousands of landowners in Ukraine and will reap its first big harvest this year.

    • Chinese firms eye Aussie farmland
      • The Australian
      • 12 May 2008

      China's fast-growing farm corporations may be the next wave of Chinese investors in Australia, joining their already influential mining comrades.

    • Saudi Arabia moves agriculture abroad
      • Market Research Analyst
      • 12 May 2008

      Saudi government moves agriculture abroad by investing in farming of staple commodities in Thailand, Brazil, India and other countries. This move represents a classic case of “absolute advantage” economy.

    • UAE investors buy Pakistan farmland
      • Financial Times
      • 11 May 2008

      Dubai-based Abraaj Capital, one of the Middle East’s largest private equity companies, has been quietly buying farmland in Pakistan as part of plans by the United Arab Emirates to increase food security and to damp inflation.

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