• Saudi Arabia: Buying food security with petrodollars
      • Kuwait Times
      • 18 June 2008

      The Arabian Peninsula is currently flooded with petrodollars, giving the Gulf Arabs a wide array of investment options abroad. But while these countries are winners in the oil market, they are losers in the food market. As a result, the Gulf Arabs - with Saudi Arabia at the fore - are pursuing a strategy to buy their food security through overseas agribusiness investment.

    • Middle East economy: Food outsourcing
      • Economist Intelligence Unit
      • 18 June 2008

      The Saudi government announced that it would co-ordinate with local private-sector companies and invest in strategic agricultural interests in key producer countries such as Brazil, Ukraine, Thailand and India, guaranteeing for itself supplies of cereals, meat and vegetables. It is already in advanced negotiations with Thai investors and a deal on rice farms in Thailand is likely before the end of the year.

    • Uganda: Kuwait Donates $100m for Agriculture
      • New Vision
      • 17 June 2008

      UGANDA is to benefit from $100m contribution by Kuwait to support food production and agri-businesses development, James Mugume the permanent secretary in the foreign affairs ministry has said.

    • Korea Will Grow Wheat in Sudan
      • Korea Times
      • 15 June 2008

      A big chunk of land in Sudan has been set aside for Korea to invest in crop production, the Sudanese ambassador said.

    • Saudi Arabia in talks with Sudan and others to secure food needs
      • Bahrain Tribune
      • 15 June 2008

      The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in talks with Sudan and other countries to grow grains to meet its strategic food needs.

    • Bahrain may invest in Manila farmland
      • Bahrain Tribune
      • 14 June 2008

      Bahrain is eyeing a major food production programme with the Philippines in a bid to ensure food security in the Kingdom.

    • Saudis plan to grow crops overseas
      • Financial Times
      • 13 June 2008

      Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans to develop large-scale overseas agricultural projects to secure food supplies, revealing that Riyadh is in discussions with Ukraine, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey and Egypt.

    • Countries Are Renting Farmland Abroad
      • US News and World Report
      • 12 June 2008

      As food crisis worsens, some nations are desperate for arable land

    • Ukraine capitalizing on food crisis
      • Kyiv Post
      • 12 June 2008

      The expectation in Ukraine is that billions of dollars of fresh investment and agriculture reforms, namely sanctioning of agriculture land sales, could double or triple domestic grain production to 100-150 million tons levels in the long term.

    • Bahrain eyes farmland in Philippines
      • Reuters
      • 11 June 2008

      Bahrain wants to invest in rice farmland in the Philippines, the world's top importer of the grain, in a move to boost food security as global food supplies become increasingly expensive, traders said on Wednesday.

    • The Zambezi Valley: China’s First Agricultural Colony?
      • Online Africa Policy Forum
      • 08 June 2008

      China’s search for new land has led Beijing to aggressively seek large land leases in Mozambique over the past two years, particularly in its most fertile areas, such as the Zambezi valley in the north and the Limpopo valley in the south.

    • UAE may invest US$500m in Pakistan farms
      • The National
      • 08 June 2008

      The Government is considering the purchase of farmland worth US$500 million (Dh1.8 billion) in Pakistan as part of a strategy to lower food import costs.

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