• Buy into Africa
      • Investor Chronicle
      • 15 August 2008

      Cru, a small specialist fund management firm, recently launched a Malawi-based fund called Africa Invest. The fund has made an initial investment of £2m in 2,000 hectares of land that’s producing paprika for western supermarkets. With land prices starting at £800 per hectare (compared to £10,000 in the UK) it’s relatively easy to amass large farms that can be upgraded with new technology, mechanisation and better production methods. According to Cru, annual returns on capital should exceed 30 to 40 per cent.

    • Indonesia, Binladin group discussing $4bn rice project
      • Dow Jones
      • 13 August 2008

      The company will conduct a feasibility study of the proposed land area, in the Merauke district of Indonesia’s Papua province, before making their final decision. “We have been looking at other locations that might be suitable but Indonesia is first on our list,” a spokesperson said.

    • Indonesian govt, Binladin Group discuss $4b rice project
      • Dow Jones
      • 12 August 2008

      Indonesia's Minister of Agriculture and other senior government officials Tuesday said they met with senior members of Saudi Arabia's Binladin Group to discuss the investment group's plans to spend at least $4 billion developing at least 500,000 hectares of Indonesian land for rice production.

    • China Edgy Over Internationals in Its Agriculture
      • China Stakes
      • 12 August 2008

      The Chinese government is more and more worried over the control that overseas firms are exercising over a good portion of China’s food supply, and there is even some thought that the recent inflation might have been triggered by foreign food giants as they have expanded into every corner of China’s agriculture.

    • Mawashi looks to invest in Kurdistan
      • Gulf LInk
      • 11 August 2008

      THE Qatar Company for Meat and Livestock Trading (Mawashi) is looking towards investing in Kurdistan since that region in Iraq is the source of Arabian livestock, which has a high demand in the region, an official said yesterday.

    • Firm plans rice, cassava production
      • This Day
      • 11 August 2008

      A United Kingdom agro-based firm, Transfor-mation Agrictech has said plan are in the pipeline to tackle the lingering food crisis in four states of Abia, Rivers, Delta and Ebonyi, through by revolutionalised agriculture, which would culminate in the massive production of rice and cassava for both domestic use and export purposes.

    • Small farmers at risk in land scramble
      • Financial Times
      • 11 August 2008

      Small-scale farmers with limited knowledge of their rights stand to lose most as countries such as China and Saudi Arabia expand their quest for African farmland, analysts have warned.

    • Darfur Withers as Sudan Sells Food
      • New York Times
      • 10 August 2008

      Even as it receives a billion pounds of free food from international donors, Sudan is growing and selling vast quantities of its own crops to other countries, capitalizing on high global food prices at a time when millions of people in its war-riddled region of Darfur barely have enough to eat.

    • Fields of gold
      • TheStar.com
      • 09 August 2008

      Big Money from Wall St. to the Middle East are on the hunt for farmland. Canada, especially Ontario, stands to profit but will the costs be too great?

    • Saudi Arabia joins in the Ethiopian land grab
      • Ethiopian Review
      • 07 August 2008

      Saudi Arabia, which is making efforts to provide food security for its nationals, can look up to Ethiopia where huge tracts of unutilized agricultural land are available for growing cereals, according to Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

    • Cambodia upbeat over Kuwait deal
      • Kuwait Times
      • 06 August 2008

      A bilateral agricultural venture between Cambodia and Kuwait proposed during an official visit by Kuwait's prime minister left Cambodia very positive about future cooperation, Agriculture Minister Chan Sarun said yesterday.

    • UAE stepping up agricultural investment in Sudan
      • Sudan Tribune
      • 06 August 2008

      The United Arab Emirates is beefing up its agricultural investments in Sudan in wake of a food crisis that led to world wide protests primarily in developing nations.

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