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  • Thumb_emmanuel-saffa-abdulai Awoko | 13 Feb 2017

    Obliterating legal rights in large scale land deals in Sierra Leone

    The present crop of large-scale land lease agreements with MNCS in Sierra Leone are fraught with serious, challengeable, and voidable provisions. If they are not renegotiated, then going to court for specific impact litigation will be the only way out.
  • Thumb_laos-vietnam-border-sign Vientiane Times | 11 Feb 2017

    Lao farm products to enjoy tariff exemptions

    Unprocessed Lao farm products raised and grown by Vietnamese investors in the 10 Lao provinces that share a border with Vietnam will enjoy tariff and value-added tax exemptions when exported to Vietnam.
  • Thumb_viet VN Economic Times | 10 Feb 2017

    Japanese agribusinesses eye Vietnam's agriculture

    In 2016, Japanese investors secured licenses for 341 new agriculture projects in Vietnam with investment capital totaling $868 million, while 219 existing project added capital of nearly $1.3 billion.
  • Thumb_market SNA | 10 Feb 2017

    Sudan: Investment Minister welcomes Djiboutian desire to invest in agricultural sector

    The Djiboutian minister expressed his country's desire to invest in the agricultural sector in Sudan to achieve food security, depending on President Al-Bashir's Initiative on Arab Food Security.
  • Thumb_ap I&PE | 10 Feb 2017

    AP Pension denies CEO quit over pressure to invest in farms

    AP Pension, the Danish labour-market pensions provider, has hit out at media reports that its chief executive quit in December because of pressure from the supervisory board to invest in the agricultural sector.
  • Thumb_rri_2017-annual-review_west-africa_displacement RRI | 10 Feb 2017

    Tenure and investment in Africa

    Analysis details statistical evidence of key trends in tenure-related disputes between companies and local peoples across Africa, including their causes as well as the prevalence of violence, work stoppages, and regulatory interventions.

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