Palm oil firm has farmers jailed for harvesting from land it stole from them

PT Hamparan Masawit Bangun, an affiliate to one of palm oil trader Wilmar International suppliers, has been operating illegally on community lands in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Now the company accused three indigenous farmers of stealing palm fruit from the land, an emblematic case of how corporations can weaponize law enforcement against communities over land disputes.

Chinese soybeans grown in Russia want subsidies

China grow more soybeans in Russia to replace imported American soybeans. More than 70 companies from Heilongjiang province already grow soybeans in Russia and there are eight foreign agricultural "industry parks" covering an area of 600,000 ha. The main threat of the soybean ventures appears to be incursions of Russian territory as China effectively colonizes its distant, empty Far East.

Seeds of Gulf-Africa agribusiness

When Gulf nations face food, security, and water scarcity issues, one response is to seek lucrative agricultural investments in fertile African lands. Yet, while such deals can bring benefits to the countries involved, there are also sizeable risks